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  1. Hope you all got your tickets, fellow Musers? As usual the systems were completely overloaded at 9AM but fine a few hours later
  2. See you in Bern and London next year my lovelies! ♥
  3. Charis19, check out the photos under the Tour Dates, I've uploaded some there Good luck with getting tickets for Strasbourg!
  4. Sorry guys, the stage did not quite look the same as it did in London in October! Shame, but it was still great I went in at 8 PM and still got quite close to the stage. I got some super pictures, like from every concert Yes Matt did say something along the lines of "see you next year" - I hope !! Looking foward to Strasbourg now, I am so glad I've got tickets I hope you all ejoyed xx
  5. @Charis19: The stage is at one end of the floor, like a normal stage, not in the middle. It is however open to all sides and there are seats also behind the stage so people sitting there see the band from behind but also the entire crowd, as if being on stage themselves The stage is a bit round like a Roulette, Dom's drum stand can spin round in the middle so he can face the crowd sitting behind him, and Matt and Chris can walk all around the edge of the stage, which is a bit higher up, Matt also sings to various sides of the crowd from there. To the front there is a little "island" which goes out to the crowd. ... I hope this makes sense, it's rather difficult to explain. But you'll see I wouldn't bother too much about big jackets, too much hassle once inside! We'll just have to be very cold on the way there and warm up quickly inside. And then our inner glow from all the joy of seeing this fantastic band will keep us warm on the way home
  6. @nikite: You can park in the city, for instance Elisabethen Parking is open 24 hours. It's close to the train station SBB from where you can get trams - check the internet for time tables and connections @Charis19: Afraid I can't give you more infos, it's been centuries since I've been to a concert there Wish I could go early too but some people have to work during the day... If you happen to shake Matt's hand give him my love
  7. @Nikite: You can park either at St. Jakobshalle (outdoor and indoor parking - but I also couldn't find the opening times, I presume they close after the concert or around midnight) or you can park across the road at St. Jakobs Park Stadium/Shopping Center, open until 01:00.
  8. @Charis19: I have no idea! I don't have enough "insider" connections, i.e. friends who work at the airports and hotels to find out more. I stood next to them backstage at an open air 10 years ago before I became such a massive fan. I remember looking at Matt thinking: oh, isn't that the singer of Muse? Argh! Now I could bite my own bum for not having known better
  9. @mumiouze89 - You'd be lucky to find white parking anywhere in Basel You can try scanning the side roads, or park further outside the city and get the public transport in. ... good luck
  10. @Charis 19 - The St. Jakobshalle really isn't that big, the are tram and bus stops right outside the venue and the entrance is around the front end towards the tram and bus stops. You'll see ... and yes, I would love to try and meet them
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