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  1. Ffion, my darling! <3

  2. I'm actually in Vancouver. :happy:


    ....why does your age say you're 5? :LOL: I love it!

  3. Ahoy! How's the sunburn? Better, I hope!

  4. Thanks, Joe, thanks. :indiff:

  5. Ryan b-muff. I donated but didn't write "not attending". I'm sure you've figured out that I'm not actually going to the gig since I live in Canada.


    Thinking of you and your family. Take care. ❤

  6. Oh hello, Vancouverite. :happy:

  7. LOLOL Oh n00b. It's like he's accidentally trolling. :LOL:

  8. Pssst. You! Em ess enn tonight?

  9. :LOL::LOL: Me too! I love the Old Spice ads...and I love how it's become an internet meme. :happy: And of course I love the Doctor so that gif pretty much made my year. :yesey:
  10. Oh right. LOL I keep forgetting how old (young?) you are. :chuckle:


    I know. I like the freshly cut feel though. :yesey: I just hope my hair grows SUPER fast. :LOL:

  11. Yay! All done school I take. Heard back from any universities yet?


    I've been good. Working. :chuckle: I got a hair cut today. It's so short compared to what it was before. :( I feel bald. :LOL: I need to wait for it to grow long again.

  12. What? Just now? Did he not know what it was before? :chuckle:

  13. Hmm. The last time I cut my hair was like a year-ish ago and I think I cut it to my shoulder blades or something. Yeah, probably the bottom of my shoulder blades. :yesey:


    Thank GOD it grows back. I cut me some bangs the other day and they look odd. But I can't figure out why. :LOL: But when I go to have the rest of my hair cut, I'll get them to fix it for me. :chuckle:

  14. Thanks! :awesome:


    Hmm. I'll probably just get a trim. Maybe 3-4 inches? Just enough to get rid of some split ends. :chuckle:

  15. :LOL: It's difficult to say anything cause you will always end up sounding like a creep. But people who post them should be expecting pervy comments anyway. :yesey:


    Thanks! :happy: Yeah, my hair needs a cut soon. But nothing drastic.


    Tom-toms are called "shime"[sHI-meh] ("meh" like the "me" in "merry"). We switch around. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses but most of us can play all parts (but we have been playing for around 15-16 years). You should definitely try if you can! It's a bit tricky in the beginning but it's fun. Rhythms come much easier if you have western drumming experience. You'd probably be excellent on a shime.

  16. Thanks. :LOL: It was from a group of a few pics I took for the post your hair thread but I was feeling rather ...adventurous so I took the nekkid one too.


    I didn't watch the whole thing but it look like everything is set rhythms whereas we might have a set introduction and ending but then have a solo/improvisation section where we solo but nothing is set and a soloist just plays whatever while the others keep the beat (and sometimes play off of the soloist). Tom-toms :LOL: I never thought of them that way. :chuckle: You're right, they're usually the ones that hold the basic beat cause when you're playing the other drums, the high pitch makes it easy to hear the beat. It's quite fun. :yesey:

  17. :LOL::LOL: It's okay. We're all a bunch of pervs on here anyway. ;)


    On noooo. My profile? I haven't looked at that thing in a while. I think I need to update bits of it.


    That is quite traditional but I guess it's typical for a traditional style. My group is more contemporary. There is a director but I think that's more because most of us started playing when we were like 5 or 6. Now, most of us just sort things our amongst ourselves in terms of artistic direction for the songs we write.

  18. Hoorah! I just looked at the new one. I love it! =D

  19. I SEE YOUUUUUU!!!!


    ...That wasn't meant to be creepy. :LOL: At least not as creepy as it sounded.

  20. Aw! Too bad we don't live in the area. I'd totally do it! :LOL:

  21. :LOL:!!!! You are my hero. :awesome:
  22. So I heard you ran through a Primark with a sombrero on doing a Slipknot SIT THE FUCK DOWN....

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