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  1. Mickey Mouse Wheels On The Bus | Nursery Rhymes for Children & Kids Songs

    mickey mouse | wheels on the bus | nursery rhymes

    Website : www.thebussong.com

  2. I just listened to it today for the first time. There were a couple of stand outs for me but some were a bit wtf! I'm a bit gutted with pyscho. That riff is amazing but I feel the song is pretty lacking and they could have taken it so much further and made it really cool. I guess they won't play it as an outtto anymore?
  3. a Yeah I think West fest would have been fun but not enough to buy a ticket! Wow seven months that sounds super intense! Was it awesome though? I've just come back from Queenstown, amazing place! Never been to the south island before ( disgraceful I know) it was so beautiful! Just recovering from an operation but would be keen to meet up in few weeks if people are keen. Sounds fab!! Went to the cookie time place in Queenstown, omg so good! Those are the cookies of my tuckshop childhood treat! Yum!
  4. I don't know who Daniel Bedingfield is, or the pink haired girl, I know about one Stan Walker song and the All Saint is past it. Come on NZ ! I did like watching all the rubbish auditions though. Except that I heard the girl that stood out and was told she was the winner got booted off, hmmm what?
  5. Yeah the people you live with can make a huge impact on how good you feel about life. You can have so much fun with awesome flatmates. Where out West is the other place Rich?
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