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  1. Considering they don't really play rarities anymore and had waaay too many hits in the setlist, that's just sad
  2. Matt: "See you in London Stadium!...........PAUSE...................And of course Bristol"
  3. I'm just glad that there is no Golden Circle, so we might even see something So excited!!
  4. What do you guys think we can expect from the early access VIPs? They haven't really done it at Europe gigs before, so I don't know how the chances are to get to the barrier with a regular ticket. Sucks that they are doing this, money should't be the thing that gets you to the barrier.
  5. I'm actually quite shocked that they are doing the VIP packages in Germany now. Do you guys think there is a change to get to the barrier, even if the VIPs get early access?
  6. Waldbühne is the most beautiful venue I've ever been to and the atmosphere was incredible. I was so happy to see such a dedicated and funny audience in Germany! What an amazing setlist, i still can't quite believe we got Bliss and Unintended. Those gigs are really the happiest moments of my life.
  7. what do you think the stage will look like? do we get a catwalk or just one big front stage?
  8. 'Paradise comes at a price that I am not prepared to pay' The ending of Megalomania, especially live version! 'Kill yourself, come on and do us all a favour' The little mistake at the end of the second chorus of Megalomania Hullaballoo 'Don't waste your time or time will waste you' 'faaaantasssy' and 'hhhhisssstory' in Supremacy - so much sex in this! Bliss Intro LIVE Christmas bells in Explorers 'But I'm waiting patiently' in Exo-Politics Endlessy - 'But the moment never comes' 'Running around in circles feeling caged by endless rules' 'Why, WHY, WHYYYYYY?' Come on Wembley! Panic Station - UHH Fuckin' fuckin' fuckin' fuckin' lil fuckin' fuckin lil' fuckin' fuckin' fucker YEAH Madness - 'Come to me, just in a dream, come on and rescue me' 'From trouble and pain. WHYYY, WHYYYYY?' Kneeling Matt in Follow Me Live 'When we bleed we bleed the same' The beginning and first verse of MOTP - especially live! 'Soulless is everywhere' 'Change in the air' Screenager - 'Who you were was so beautiful' Soldier's Poem - 'No I don't think you do' Matt's falsetto at the end of Survival Blackout Background Matt's hilarious sounds in MOYH Unsustainable live - The feeling you get in your stomach is so !! Isolated System live - perfect for calming down and realising where you are Drums in Supremacy Resistance Chorus Unintended second Chorus HAARP Stockholm Syndrome Chorus Showbiz Falsettos The first seconds of Darkshines When Matt is holding us in his arms during Starlight The slow parts in CE Shh, go to sleep.
  9. 1. Unsustainable 2. Bliss 3. Map Of The Problematique 4. Butterflies & Hurricanes 5. Endlessly 6. Resistance 7. Follow Me 8. Unintended 9. Megalomania 10. Explorers 11. Hoodoo 12. Madness 13. Showbiz 14. Exo-Politics 15. Panic Station 16. Screenager 17. Time Is Running Out 18. Plug In Baby 19. Stockholm Syndrome 20. Isolated System ------------------ 21. New Born 22. Sing For Absolution 23. Starlight ----------------- 24. Soldier's Poem 25. Knights Of Cydonia
  10. fantastic video, but dammit i can't see myself and i was in the front 3 times! and where are the videos sent in by fans?
  11. guys guys, the band IAMX!!! Chris Corner is brilliant, you'll love his music! His voice is similar to Matt's, obviously not as awesome, because noone can be better, but he comes close.
  12. Berlin, Berlin, wir fahren nach BERLIN!! YESSSS i got my tickets!!
  13. When i first listened to the whole album, i cried, because i was overwhelmed by its perfection. I can't say anything bad about it, I love every single song, especially after the tour. Particularly Unsustainable, Madness, Follow Me, Isolated System and Animals were live mind-blowing. Explorers is one of the most beautiful songs that have ever been written. Panic Station is just brilliant. Supremacy is epic. I love Survival, too bad Prelude is so short. Big Freeze is wonderful. And Save Me & Liquid State are live amazing. The whole album is a masterpiece of art and I can't get enough of it. I think Muse have never been happier, I can feel that when I listen to The 2nd Law
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