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    17, live in a town where absolutely no-one listened to muse let alone decent music.
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    a tiny little place called home, Australia
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    Bloc Party
    Kings of Leon
    Red Hot Chilli Peppers
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    spaghetti westerns
    and the LOTR
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    The mighty boosh
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    LOTR series
    Catcher in the rye
    Ice station
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    all the albums
    no DVD's :(
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    haven't seen them yet but will actually kill myself if i miss their next tour of OZ
  1. LOL hey i read an interview matt said that he dosnt know how people found out about him using llama toenalis in the Resistance lol

  2. i did it by downloading the gif then adding it to the sig like a normal picture
  3. I like it on Matt. If i saw anyone else wearing a suit like it i'd just laugh. He's the only person who can pull it off.
  4. I used to be an ignorant atheist until the FSM touched me with his noodly appendages. I'm so glad that i've seen the light! R'amen!
  5. I'm also a proud Aussie atheist. I kinda wish that i was in America though, only so that i could argue with fundamentalist christians though
  6. Newborn, Starlight, SMBH . . . Don't get me wrong, they're great songs in my opinion but i think that they get too much attention, attention that should be aimed at CE
  7. You did not just say that! There is no way that a truly perfect song like CE could ever be overrated. I consider it to be underrated, but thats my opinion so go ahead and hate if you want. It's not like i'm going to kill you silently while you sleep, i promise.
  8. Why does everyone hate invincible so much? I personally love it and how could anyone hate that solo? Sure, it's nothing like most of their other songs but compared to any other song of the same genre it kicks ass! Only muse could make a shit genre enjoyable BTW worst muse song is pink ego box worst album song is overdue
  9. they locked our Buke :supersad:

    so now we've got a group boat instead :awesome:

    welcome aboard! :pirate::party::happy:


    and :LOL: at Taylor's post before!

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