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    playing guitar, violin, listening to muse and adam lambert and watching them on youtube for hours.
    i'm a boring person
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    adam lambert, david cook, metallica,
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    into the wild, 17 again, marley and me, lord of the rings trilogy
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    american idol, lost, ellen d'generous show
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    this lullaby, just listen, bliss, percy jackson and the olympians series, the red tent, harry potter, kissing kate, goose girl, the giver, go ask alice
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    i own about half of all their albums
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  1. is it just me or are your wierdest (and most disturbing) dreams about muse? post them here so i know i'm not the only one...
  2. black. like ilovematt said, he looks more mysterious that way. he looks good with any color hair though...
  3. i play the violin. i've only been playing for 4 or 5 years and i don't plan on becoming a pro or anything. it's just for fun!
  4. Hello! How are you?:D I see that you joined 3 days after me!

  5. i've played guitar for little over a year and i'm ok i guess. i have an awesome guitar teacher theacher though.
  6. on horses??????? that would be so coool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want that to happen. that would be the most awesome thing ever!
  7. Thanks for stay with us in THE UNIVERSE OF MUSE!!!!

  8. i want to see them live so bad!!! how much do tickets to there concerts cost anyway?
  9. ugh. i want it now! i know that it would be awsome even if they were singing the alphabet... hehe. that's a funny thing to picture in ur head... hehe. can't wait!!!!!
  10. i persoally love his hair black. i kinda liked it when it was red. but i really do love his black hair.
  11. matt is getting married? good for him!! i luv matt but i don't want to marry him. i feel bad for gaia. all these people hate her and i bet none of them have even met her.
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