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  1. Your sig is a line from the Scissor Sister's 'Tits On The Radio', right?

  2. Loving the Moss av. Brilliant show.:)

  3. :D Good for you. How's you, anyway?

    I'm just listening to Two Door Cinema Club for what is probably the 1000th time now.

  4. Ah right. Did you make it?

  5. Howdy fellow Muser. Must compliment you on your extremely fascinating sig. What's Matt supposed to be saying/thinking/ I can't seem to make the text out.

  6. I see you have a Grant av.:D Neat.

  7. Is that because of the leaping women, or Thom randomly smashing stuff up, or the rabid dog which isn't even that rabid at all? :LOL:

    I can see what you mean.

  8. :yesey:Good choice

    I'm just listening to Street Spirit (Fade Out)...

    I have a kind of unhealthy obsession with that song.:happy:

  9. Good, thanks. Just listening to Showbiz for what is probably the 100 billionth time...

    What about you?

  10. Good, thanks. Hows your assignment going?:)

  11. :LOL:Matt only has time for "pwopa" fish.

  12. Of course it is:stongue:

  13. :LOL:As it should. So whats your favourite song?

  14. YFMF. It's a classic:LOL:

  15. :)Good thanks. You?

  16. Yeah, you do that:chuckle:

  17. Live 8, I believe:)

  18. Well, my favourite album is Myths Of The Near Future. It is just far superior to Surfing The Void, even though Valley Of The Calm Trees, The Same Space and Cyperspeed are absolute EPIC songs, and the whole idea of using Orphee ( the cat), on the album cover is just brilliant.

    My favourite song is It's Not Over Yet. It's just too darn addictive, in both lyrical and rhythm aspects. Plus I really love the music video...

    ...and my favourite band member has to be Simon. His hair just mesmerises me:D

  19. Um, thanks...fellow astronomer!:D


    You like Klaxons as well!:dance:

    What's your favourite song, album and band member?

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