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  1. Just out of interest, how easy / difficult is it to get tickets from touts outside the arena, and what sort of prices could I expect to be paying? I didn't really pay much attention last time as my brother and I had miscalculated the amount of time we spent in the pub over the road beforehand!
  2. I'm planning on heading to Paris for my birthday anyway (so anyone going to the gig can feel free to get me a drink to celebrate!), if worst comes to the worst I'll see if there's any tickets on sale *ahem* around Bercy on the evening.
  3. Absolutely gutted Couldn't get any tickets on any of the sites on the homepage and I'm desperate to go as the gig is actually on my bleedin' birthday! I think I had the same problem as plenty of others - the sites said that tickets were available in the section I wanted; but when I'd actually put my order in a message appeared stating that they'd sold out. Unfortunately, it's no surprise that the usual touts on ebay etc have all got tickets up already as long as you're willing to pay double the face value (although I am sorely tempted I must admit...)
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