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    Attending the Las Vegas show 12/12/09. My first Muse concert =)
  1. I thought the show was great! Getting to hear CE and B&H was fucking great and made my night. Also the security guard in my area sang along to each song they played tonight and was bobbin his head the whole time it made me:D haha. A+ the show was awesome!!!
  2. Just bought my ticket. I haven't seen them in way to long to pass this chance up. I can't wait the rest of the line up rocks to! It's gonna be one hell of a weekend!!!!!
  3. That would be epic haha. Great read though glad you guys had a blast!
  4. This thread was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more active last year haha. I guess because they were performing though.
  5. EXACTLY my thoughts. Yesterday I shrugged it off and didn't think about the gig at all after it was over. Tonight is a bit different... I will be eternally jealous of tonights gig goers.
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