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  1. But in my 1st year i had almost like no tests or papers in the 1st semester, so i guess i was lucky! 3-4 projects/week is a lot! but skipping some classes is okay, i have some that are just a total waste of my time -.-' so i just do the exam and in the end i usually pass, so its a good technique, even if the grades arent that awesome :$:LOL:

    yeah, the last club i went to was all rock music, so it was awesome! but some of the people there were just wierd, i mean, they can have that metal/goth look all they want, but some of them looked like skins and that im afraid im not cool with! im very peace and love hehe

    First its wierd because we all have so many news and we miss each other a lot but then it gets better! And a lot of your friends go to your uni? or another uni in that city? (whats the city's name btw?) I go to school in Lisbon and most of my friends too, so its easy to get together when we have a free afternoon or morning :)


    A two year break its a lot for me! I think i could never do that with Muse, after three months or so i would go bananas!

    Good to know you are buying a lot of cds then you ca tell me which ones are worth it! Im curious, is the kasabian one any good? i dont like all of their work, but i would like to know more about them! So, ill trust your judgement :happy:

    Poor you, every single weekend? that sound though! How long does it take to get from the city you are staying to Athens?

    Have a great November too and we will talk when you get back for a civilized place with internet :LOL:

    Have fun!! :kiss:

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