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  1. Anyone is free to join but late last tour most stopped bothering. I'd still be up for it.

  2. It's only expert. It would take me way too long to do other difficulties. And since I haven't played anything but expert is almost a decade I don't know the customs.

  3. Check back on the project page I'm updating it whenever I finish. New song is in progress atm.



  4. Teared up during that too (although for probably more personal reasons). Rewatched the entire concert when I uploaded the individual songs. Fantastic night.

  5. Also a bit late, but thanks for the message.

  6. Computer engineering. I'm also unofficially studying the Fabrian Muse board posting style.

  7. I mainly PC game. I still have my Xbox and use it but I stopped paying for Xbox Live. Might get a PS4 but can't afford that right now.

  8. Nah I was never about that kind of thing. Only thing I have is a twitter, same username as here.

  9. Oh hey, it's been fine. I'm still hanging around here a lot.

  10. It's fine I've got a torrent downloading already. Thanks anyways :happy:

  11. I did and I loved it.

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