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  1. Bit of a rant, bah. Just sooo fed up and been mega-stressed out. Just want off the good ship Muse. I don't like the captain (Mabel), I don't want to sail under him (excuse the ship/boat analogy thing, I like metaphors terribly much :$) and, and I'm not playing MuseGames anymore *Spits dummy loudly* I mean, he's okay and everything I just don't have like screamy 'oooooh' crush on him or anything, so no fun like that. Music's great but need fire. There's no fire wiv Mabel, I can't MAKE myself get a crush on him and make it all exciting and stuff. So it's like, errrr... *wanders towards door*. Fair play to him he does what he does well, but there's no spark, and I can't help that there's not and I guess that's what makes Muse oooooh for you a lot, but for me, I guess it's like you and David Bowie and Labyrinth :$. Sorry for being a bit rambly and stuff :$. Just telling the truth. Cruel to be kind, no point lying to myself. Love the music, not too fussed on Mabel. I know it's his birthday and everything but it's like argh, just enough already and being honest.

    I want stuff happening, gonna get my own band going or stuff. I'm not and never ever will be a 'fan' type person. I'm just not like that. Can't live my life through someone else. I know it makes it all ooooh and stuff, but I get excited about new albums or music, not really band people awfully awfully much. I know there's a dynamic when you look at a band, it's rubbish to say three or four people can just pick up guitars and be a band. You have to have a dynamic. Muse had one, but I think it's all very different now. Not got a ticket for tour and prob not getting the album, why should I, really? It's my choice to like something. Not waiting around months in anticipation, no way jose'. It's like Time Is Running Out lyrics. "How did it come to this"???.

    Debating my Muse-ship wiv you, hope is okay :$ :$:stunned:.

    Byebye anyway.

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