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  1. i guess i have a thing for depressive songs then.....idk i just like them, they take me places:LOL: i think it's because it helps me relate (not saying i'm depressed:p) or feel their emotions better
  2. makes sense, as by origin of symmetry he meant that we were all similar, or shared a connection and all the prong things are the same. so yeah, i guess that's as far as u can really go with it
  3. well i wouldn't say it is better than TR:p but that's just me....i just overreacted cuz not that many people like Showbiz's art that much but i'm ok with it
  4. um no, they have really good art. well at least add Absolution to that list....
  5. Starlight.....it was the first Muse song i was ever OBSESSED with, it has the most plays on my itunes:D
  6. strange, i know it doesn't have to do anything with the topic lol but Hullabaloo is growing on me so much that i'm crazily calling it my favorite Muse album atm because i love the haunting atmosphere. i'll probably reconsider it a matter of hours but still:D btw Hullabaloo's artwork could have been better, but it still captures the album mood
  7. this was probably already done, but i couldn't find it. so lets discuss: Showbiz: interesting art, the blue planet shows the interest of science and the girl makes the album's theme relate to love. OoS: i still don't know what this is of and i REALLY want to know (it's like the main reason i made this thread:LOL:) but i guess it sums up the overall uniqueness of the album. Absolution: shows the theme of religion throughout the album and makes you think. BH&R: i thought i read somewhere this was of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse (did i say that right? ) and it shows the space theme with the planet they're on TR: symbolizes exogenesis and all the beauty of the world with the colors. overall i think it goes: TR>OoS>Abso>BH&R>Showbiz
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