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  1. I'm torn on Reapers. IT's definitely better than Psycho IMO but it almost sounds like an ACDC song (thanks Mutt). I definitely enjoy it, but it looks like I'll wait for the studio version to make a full decision. Also, are we expecting them to play different songs each night? I know I saw a tweet earlier saying to only expect 2 new songs tonight and more will be added in later. Fingers crossed we hear Dead Inside soon.
  2. I feel like there truly is. Survival wasn't exactly a homerun, nor was it indicative of all of T2L. I say look forward to Drones based on Dead Inside, which we'll more than likely hear Sunday night.
  3. Yeah the riff gets a little old and the song is kind of long, but I still enjoy those aspects. I even enjoy the melody of "Your ass belongs to me now." I can even get over how blunt and cheesy the lyrics are. The drill sergeant is what pushes the whole thing over the edge for me. I really like Psycho, but that damn sergeant is holding it back in my eyes.
  4. I'm hoping it's a song that has actual lyrics or is, you know, a normal song. My least favorite parts of TR and T2L are that the endings just feel too over the top.
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