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  1. I go to a zillion shows at Webster, as recently as the Modest Mouse show, which was a similar, although smaller CF. When the show is 100% will call, there are two people who work the door with paper lists. No scanning. I've seen people get in with ID only (like my Amex was replaced once and they didn't give me crap because at least I had ID) and I have seen them turn away people with photocopies of cards when people got all "you can't tell me I can't come in, I have a copy of the ID these were purchased with" and were generally rude. I was behind two kids who had mom's card and ID and the kid had her own ID so that worked for them. I was also behind someone who read the list upside down gave a name with a 1 next to it and said their girlfriend had their ID in her purse inside. He commented as he went inside that whoever the person was who he pretended to be was going to be pissed. He may have been screwing around though, I actually felt more like he was a friend of the guy at the door and it was for show for the other door person so his friend could get in. The long and short of it is there are two people in charge of the process and if it starts going downhill, being 1000% apologetic and asking what you can do is going to help get you past them Being a demanding dick and starting a pissing match is going to insure you don't get in. Welcome to NYC.
  2. I am more reliable. I would love more to go. If something about the person below makes you wary, vote for giving me the ticket! (kidding, don't want to undermine the person who saw this first and responded first!)
  3. See earlier comments about photos of ID and credit card. Of course I say this because I am in NYC - but I like when shows like this can only be purchased by local residents. KROQ does it for Almost Acoustic Christmas, etc.
  4. Kind of dying at this right now. Too bad I still like him, I'd trade the ex for Milli Vanilli tickets
  5. I am in that unfortunate place where I couldn't get two tickets but my friend offered me her second, and so I really want to get my husband a ticket so I feel like less of an a-hole Speaking of - who are these people who are selling tickets obtained yesterday on Craigslist for a lot of money? I'm a fan and never sell for more than face value. It is bad karma.
  6. Are people still just hitting refresh and finding tickets come up intermittently?
  7. that exact message kept going on and off yesterday - a few people on Reddit appeared to get them near 11 am. though I'd rather have a definitive answer then spend my morning doing this again
  8. well here's to hoping if they aren't happy with it they only cancel one set!
  9. It is a gamble, I've had duplicate orders cancelled just one set and both orders. You may want to call and ask
  10. at least they can handle volume spikes. Ticketweb is a NIGHTMARE
  11. anyone else being told their code isn't good?
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