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  1. Okay how the hell do I get a ticket? On the Ticketmaster site it's allowing me to select a ticket, but it's asking for a password that I should have got in an email? I haven't received anything...?
  2. at first I thought she was just acknowledging that they're a bit unheard of but the swearing made her sound so moody! I just found them annoying after that, with their last song dragging on and on. liked their very first song though. already can't wait to see muse again, if they play wembley again I will definitely try to go.
  3. think it was like "this is a song off the new album, but it's all fucking new to you guys" didn't know if she was being funny or like you said, mardy. if she was trying to be funny it didn't go down well with the people around me.
  4. been trying to remember my login for this place for a couple of days so I've just been lurking. can't believe some people queued from 5/6am! I'm glad I wasn't planning on doing that as I came down with an awful cold yesterday morning and felt horrible all day. so if anyone around me was by a girl constantly blowing her nose... that was me! got there for 5pm, got in and had to have something to eat and got in line, so after that I wasn't expecting a good spot. got closer than I thought, a few people back in the middle. the support band were okay, but they seemed to drag it out. muse were just amazing, better than the first time I saw them at the NIA, I think. better setlist. the new stuff went down well a few people around me didn't sing much to animals which was a shame as I love it, but apart from that the crowd was great. sunburn has to be mentioned obviously. I went mental for plug in baby/stockholme syndrome even though I felt like I was gonna die. I felt worse standing still for some reason, so during isolated system when everything calmed down I knew I was gonna faint if I didn't get water, so my boyfriend had to take me out. I felt a bit bad for him having to lose such a good spot. got back in in time for knights, but wasn't as close. but it was still great. survival was explosive! good last song. got a few pics and a video I'll try and post.
  5. if everyone says someone else will buy them, then the probably will. the touts will only go out of business if everyone stops buying them. supply and demand. if one person stops it's still less demand.
  6. cowdsurge sent me an email at 7am with the presale link I woke up at half 9... but I still managed to get 1 ticket in the presale I needed two but only one was available, then it said sold out after I bought it, so I think I literally got the last standing ticket. lucky though to get one at half 9. then got one from the ticket factory at 10. and my money was put back into my account overnight, so overall I was pretty lucky.
  7. what a shame people are bidding on it. if anyone's gonna buy tickets off ebay, wait til not long before the gig when there'll be people selling for face value, or at least half that price...
  8. if you want to know for sure, phone your bank. I'm with lloyds TSB and the man on the phone said 4 working days. it could vary depending on which bank you're with.
  9. so I got my money back (phew) still no email saying I was unsuccessful though, and no presale link. I've got in touch with them 3 times in the past 12 hours, and haven't had a response. so unfair how some people got the link and others didn't. good luck everyone tomorrow...
  10. last time I got muse tickets it was in the presale... I really hope I manage to get them in the general sale.
  11. it's crap this is happening to so many people but in a way I'm glad it's not just me who's being screwed over!
  12. I am also with lloyds TSB but haven't got mine back. did you apply for tickets on the first day? I applied the next day I think so hopefully I'll get it tomorrow then.
  13. my bank just said it'll take 4 working days for me to get my money back. so hopefully tomorrow? or friday. what a nightmare.
  14. thank you for posting that number, I just phoned and was told I am unsuccessful. they said they've cancelled the money being taken out my account but each bank's holding period is different so I may not have it back in time for the sale tomorrow. at least I know now, but still I hope I get my money back straight away. also, I know people are not fond of giving out presale links but seeing as I didn't get any emails at all, if anyone's kind enough to message me the link I would be grateful.
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