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  1. Thank you for this info, I'm so excited. 2 more days!!
  2. Can anybody who attended this concert comment on if the enhanced experience/VIP ticket holders got let in at the same time as everyone else like in Houston or if they were let in early like they were supposed to be. Thanks☺
  3. I wonder how much the Premium and Enhanced Experience will be? I wonder if it's worth it. I'm short and I will need to be close. Any ideas? Did it say in the descriptions that they let you out onto the floor before everybody else? I'm excited☺
  4. That was awesome! my favorite part was when Matt wiggled his bum toward the audience:rolleyes:
  5. Woo hoo! I figure we'll be there all day, I am sure we have plenty of time to get to know each other! LOL! Happy queueing!

  6. Hello, Wow it's almost here! I am getting excted! We will have to try to find each other during the many hours we will be waiting so we can meet.

  7. Does everybody just sit down on the ground? Also what do people do with their stuff when it's time go into the venue?
  8. What do people do to entertain themselves while waiting in line?
  9. We are going! You went to Vegas, in March, right? I decided to bring my two daughters this time. Didn't you bring your kids? I kept checking for this thread too! I am very glad the drive is shorter this time around!
  10. Does any one have any information on how to get great seats? I am bringing my 2 daughters to this one and would love for all of us to get a good view, of course. I did the pre sale with the las vegas concert in march and took the first seats they gave me, and they were so-so. Is there a trick to getting good seats besides paying $320 to a scalper? Is the presale the way to go or are their just as good as or better seats during the public sale? or is it the luck of the draw? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. TIA
  11. Love it! brings back memories. I especially like 2.04 on your video!
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