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    WWE, Dexter! Supernatural. Bones!!!
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  1. when i said watchhed it. i went myy gayy sex!!! brokeback mountain !!

  2. Haven't wached Doc Who yett !!! Sorry. i wass soo sickk. . imma noott too good !!! talk soon :(

  3. lol did you like it?

  4. gosh you sex crazed person! your too young for that

  5. Ooii!! I would watch Doctor Who, butt i have prison break to watch first. then my gayy sex. . and then my normal sexx (Sex and the city) lolzz. After thatt i will.

  6. ah yes brokeback mountain. good stuff! watch doctor who its good stuff too!

  7. lol! i will one dayy!! BrokeBack Mountain Remember! Iolzz.

  8. lol your parents watch doctor who huh. you should watch it too its awesome.

  9. Aww, well mine is awesome!! Guess whatt i found outt. . My parents watch Doctor Who!! I never knew thatt. . lolzz

  10. i want a chiro that swears that would be so bitchin. i only ever get indian doctors and stuff. :(

  11. Bridgee is doesn't even hurt, i don't know what your complaining about !!! :) The chiropracter i see is awesome, he like swears and everything. lolz

  12. lol it will hurt dont you worry. so what you been doing lately?

  13. I've been good Bridgee. Went to the Chiropracter todayyy !!! it doesn't even hurt :)

  14. hey. yes long time no see. how has you been?

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