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  1. At a Metallica Gig I went to last year I managed to get to the barrier right in the centre, the surge was really bad so a Security guard pulled me out. Since it was a centre stage and I couldn't get to the seats they let my stand next to the security guards I got a drumstick and a Pick out of it aswell
  2. On my see tickets tracker it said "sent secure delivery to..." and I wasn't sure whether it was DX or Royal Mail, but now I have recieved an email from see tickets and it has my track number for DX and is due for delivery tomorrow :happy:
  3. I don't even know who is delivering my ticket DX or Royal Mail I haven't got a clue EXCITING EDIT : I just got my email off DX saying it will be delivered in the next 5 working days I never got my email before so I'm glad I have it now
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