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  1. I can relate- this morning I told the husband I was buying Philly tickets- he looked at me like he was going to strangle me. Oh well-- Merry Xmas to me!!! He's just pissed b/c I'm not taking him... lol. [he is going to nyc though]
  2. buy tix for philly show ... then go to Boston AND PHilly:) problem solved! (or just sell your boston tix) I also bought tix for boston and nyc. I'm only 30 minutes from philly- so I will definitely be seeing them there as well. I'm okay with that~ my husband may not be. oh well...
  3. Â Awesome for you!!! Â okay- so the $65 were GA. That's retarded-- b/c when I tried to get 2 at $65- it told me 2 seats weren't available in the same row. [huh?] so.... I went with the cheaper ones. Â but I can't get there early- at all (for GA)... so I'm happy, grateful, beyond thrilled! with my seats-- back there in Guam... I'll bring some binoculars.
  4. don't shoot me- I got tickets- for NYC Â when I tried for the more expensive ones- it said that 2 together weren't available- so I did the cheaper ones. Then I had to create an acct... [b/c it's not the acct you use for message board]. okay- the whole time my hand was shaking- like i've never used my mouse before ..... oh- and it only let you purchase 2 for maximum. [i think?] Â Ticketmaster is having a 10am pre-sale for Boston tomorrow [and all other dates- as far as I can tell-- EXCEPT nyc- that's not on ticketmaster]. I don't know if there's a general pre-sale for nyc?
  5. Â I'm in S.jersey too~ so Camden would be perfect. We'll have to keep our fingers crossed!!! Â I don't know.. there's one dj on 104.5 that keeps talking about a possible Muse date announced soon- so I'm hoping. [even though that dj annoys the piss out of me-]
  6. Â Â I would sadly guess NO 2nd show at the Garden... Nites prior to the show, sporting things are booked...and the following nite is Boston. Â I have a feeling a philly show may be added? They keep mentioning it on the radio- so we'll see. For now- I'm hoping NYC and Boston are in my future:) Â 10:00 can't come soon enough=- yet I hate this kind of stuff!!! I get all stressed out.
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