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  1. Summerstage has a pretty hard curfew of 10, so if doors are at 7 and Muse time is 8:15 then I am pretty sure there won't be an opener.
  2. Real easy to get one yesterday morning, especially seeing as I got it via my phone from a park bench in Hoboken while on break from the U2 GA line up, lol. Now I have to unload my Jones Beach ticket.
  3. Can't speak for the other stops, but in NY State there's a law that you can't have paperless and that tickets need to be able to be re-sold/transferrred..
  4. In for two. It didn't say explicitly but I think my tix are in the ADA section because the section is ORCADA. I didn't pick ADA seating either. But that is OK, because the friend I am going with has some mobility and standing issues anyway and sometimes does sit in the ADA section.
  5. I've been to shows there where there was overlap with club night and other bands going on in the studio space, didn't affect either.
  6. I went to the iHeart Radio Theater for a Smashing Pumpkins show and the place is tiny! It will be very intimate - also likely very packed! And very loud - earplugs are recommended. Wish I could try for this but I fly out on vacation that morning, at least I am going to Webster Hall.
  7. I went to a theater show with The Killers at the start of their last cycle - also one of these special kinda of smaller pre-release/release shows - and they didn't have an opener. Also Madonna and Springsteen in recent years have had no openers, and it's looking like U2 may not have any on their upcoming dates (well the tour starts in two weeks and no one has been announced).
  8. Actually, my experience with this type of show is that it is not separate - everyone waits in line, goes up to the table, shows ID, gets ticket (which is really just a technicality only because NY State bars paperless shows), probably gets it scanned right there (or maybe not scanned at all), and goes right in. Otherwise, it makes it easier for the scalpers this is trying to prevent.
  9. BrooklynVegan itself is a great site, but the comments are 90% troll-city, don't pay attention to them.
  10. It's supposed to be immediate entry to prevent this. I've been to a Radiohead show where it was the same deal and there was no stepping back out once they handed you the ticket.
  11. It's technically not paperless so they will be looking, not scanning. I think even if they did have the paperless scanners that it would still go through OK since I think it just reads to match the number, not check for validity.
  12. The thing is that it's a venue-specific thing - ALL Webster Hall shows now go through TicketWeb. Also I do believe Ticketmaster has a stake in TicketWeb...
  13. Sounds cliche but I want them to play Bliss - been going to their shows since 2007 and they have not played it at any of the ones I've been at! Although, I was at that Citizen Erased show in New Jersey.
  14. I would agree with this - when Brandon did a similar small pre-album show at Webster Hall on short-ish notice in March, the tix were through Ticketweb and were easy as pie to get. It ultimately sold out but the show was very under the radar for a few days.
  15. I will be racing home myself after the show so I can get at least a few hours sleep before leaving for vacation on a 7:45AM flight!
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