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  1. This is so weird btw. Metallica is a great example of balancing old and new stuff, plus giving no shits about crowd reactions. If one of the biggest bands in the world do that and sell out every damn gig, I'm pretty sure bands like Muse, who are massive as well, could do it.


    Aye, Muse could learn a thing or two about setlist balance from Metallica!

  2. Sometimes, I can't decide if Matt is being self-deprecating or genuinely seems surprised that their fans prefer something like Showbiz to Madness, Resistance etc.


    Probably a little from both columns.


    I've seen it happen with other bands. They'll have a few shows where crowds won't react to their older songs so they start taking them out of the setlist

  3. Afaik, Munich Jam wasn't played as fast ever during Drones tour. This year in the U.S. they have been playing it a bit faster, but not as fast as SBE gig :D


    They probably didn't have the in ear's going 'Munich Jam' with the beat. Chris was obviously high on the gig, I've not seen him head bang like that in a long time!

  4. Jeez, what a fricken show!


    Showed up just before 11am to queue for the seating, and met some awesome people in the line. Came closest to meeting Chris, before they changed the alley barriers, but he went for the stage door when he was close to it.


    I can't believe that show. The atmosphere, the sound, the performance. I've seen Hysteria, PiB and Knights so many times, but not in a venue like that. The intimacy and intensity of those songs, as well as the other songs, live was incredible.


    This is before you get on to SFA, Showbiz, Glorious and Easily. SFA being my favourite song, tears were shed. I had my doubts as to whether it would make top 10. The response and crowd singing for Showbiz really pushed the performance higher than it was.


    My only disappointment was Fury. I voted for it but it didn't fill me with the same energy that the others did.


    Best gig ever, from any band I've seen.

  5. Still haven't voted yet. Thinking that it should be a mix between personal picks and what's doing well, so this is what it's at currently


    Muscle Museum

    Space Dementia

    Butterflies & Hurricanes





    City of Delusion



    Can't really decide what to do with the last slot. I've had Dead star three times but it's one of my favourite songs ever so it feels tempting despite being a 'wasted vote'... :erm:

    Do you have a moment for our lord and saviors, 'Sing For Absolution' and 'Glorious'?



  6. Tbf nowhere near the entire discog is there, it's actually only a relatively small number of extra songs that have been added. Some big ones like COD, Cave, Exogenesis, TSP, Space D, Darkshines and Glorious that'll make a lot of people wanna revote though, yeah.


    Yeah, what I meant to say was that the added songs gets it closer to being the entire discography :)

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