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  1. Me! Oh my gosh so much fun! I was really close to the girl who got Matt's light-up glasses. The people around me were having an awesome time. It was great being around enthusiastic people. Doesn't always happen. The middle section of The Globalist was even more intense live. So glad they played it. Now I want to go stalk the band and see them in another city
  2. GUYS I AM SO EXCITED FOR TOMORROW !!! My sister in law has never been GA at a concert before and I can't wait to introduce her to the awesome-ness of being right next to the stage at a Muse concert What time is everyone planning on getting there?
  3. Same I think they'll add another date for later on in the tour, not in January.
  4. I am incredibly sweaty and disgusting right now. That show was crazy. Since there was a club thing going on...aka curfew.... they should have nixed the opening band and played for an hour longer. Oh well. Everyone was a super hard core fan and it's really cool to be a part of that. Yay for Apocalypse Please! Wish I had socialized a bit more. I feel like I was one of the only people there alone so I was kind of quiet. Cheers to everyone who went
  5. Everyone will be on the floor! Balconies are for VIPs/family
  6. We're up to 135 on the line right now. Everyone here so far has a number written on their hand. Kinda wish I had gotten one last night after Noel
  7. Just got back from Noel Gallagher. Looked like there were 4 people with sleeping bags waiting overnight for Muse. There was a club thing that started at 10 so maybe that was the line someone else mentioned.
  8. Yeah the show was totally sold out. Doors opened at 8 and I got on line after that around 8:15 and still snagged a really good spot. The ones on this board are the most intense Muse fans so even if there are 100 people lining up before noon, you'll still get a great view and have a great time. Also, merchandise was cash only. I can't remember if that's the case for all shows. There's an ATM inside the venue just in case though. And the bathrooms are unisex and kind of grimy haha
  9. Sound was surprisingly good and we'll balanced. You can totally hear harmonies and all the different instruments. Muse is going to be VERY loud in such a small space with some of their more intense songs. Also, there's no way there's a curfew. Lenny went on at 10:25 (without an opener....don't ask) and was on well past midnight.
  10. Haha there are a lot of food places around that area! Also, I just got home from Lenny Kravitz at Webster Hall. Ooo boy it's a small room. And hot, hot, hot. Don't remember it being so toasty. Here's a pic from when I was standing all the way at the back wall before the show just to give you an idea
  11. I was at the IZOD show but didn't get there until around 6ish. I'm sure I was posting a lot on the boards then since it was my first time getting GA for a Muse show
  12. Hah I'm seeing Noel too. And Lenny Kravitz tomorrow night. My own personal Webster Hall residency.
  13. I went to a gig at this place a few years ago and it's the smallest venue I've ever been to. Super bummed about not getting tickets for it. Sounds like it'll be an amazing time. If anyone has an extra ticket, I'd love to be a +1! I'm a chef so I can cook something as thanks
  14. Glorious, please! Or City of Delusion. Or....maybe just every song on every album for an all night long show?
  15. I'm super pumped for this show. I'm going on a crazy binge of concerts at Webster Hall that week - Lenny Kravitz, Noel Gallagher, and now Muse. Cannot freaking wait :D:D
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