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  1. Is this question covered here? My apologies if it isn't. All the official videos on youtube that Muse has posted have been blocked in the United States, and possibly elsewhere. Is there a reason for this? Is it a mistake? Is WMG just way too stingy? I don't think it's fair. And if those music videos were blocked purposely, management needs to do something about it, if they can. What's the point in even keeping the songs from being 'stolen?' Because if they are, they sure have done a great job in keeping people from downloading music for free! (Sarcasm)
  2. Seems the problem was fixed - i was able to access Muse.mu this afternoon. Thanks for the support !
  3. I know there is already a threat about this but i wanted to post this in a highlighted thread as well... OpenDNS is blocking Muse.mu... is there a way around it besides searching for specific threads on google to get to the Muse message board? Apparently i can't even get to the main page at all..
  4. Ya this is driving me crazy... i can get around it through the Muse boards at least but... it sucks because i cant go through my bookmark anymore =( I mean its not a HUGE deal but its definitely annoying, and probably sucks most for Muse themselves...
  5. Im on my way to buying a G&L Semi Hollow Telecaster...and as some of you may know, G&L is not a cheap copy of Fender. Leo Fender, the man who owned the instrumental company Fender, sold his Company to CBS in 1965. After that, he built a new company, known as G&L, and they are incredible instruments I seriously played this Telecaster model it was incredible.. it was easy to play, and the sound was exceptional... I can't say i have it yet, but im planning on getting it soon...i just have to work enough to get the money to buy it >_>
  6. your such a creeper

  7. Sky

    AF Guitars

    Dude, your guitars are really pretty especially your own models Seriously, if i wasn't broke i would deffinately consider buying from you haha
  8. One of my Favorite parts of a few songs is: The Piano solo in Butterflies & Hurricanes The Beginning and the Solo for "Invincible" During the H.A.A.R.P. Live The Piano part for Space Dimentia The Piano part of Newborn as well as the Drums (I don't know why, i just love the drumming in that song) The Guitar riff in the beginning of the H.A.A.R.P. Live version of "Unintended" as well as many, many, MANY more parts that i can't quite explain. The thing is, without the other parts of the song, those parts wouldnt be nearly as epic. Thats why i love Muse so much, they have a way of making their songs incredibly epic and addicting ^_^
  9. I saw some of your pictures in the Photography page; great shots, they really turned out awesome =)

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