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  1. I didn't know Muse when they last toured here in South America. [feels ashamed] Hope these news are true or I'm gonna kill this joker. lol
  2. Well, I'm using a Yamaha PSR-E413, UpDown arpeggios (3 octaves) but I'm not finding the correct voice. Some are too much grand piano-like and other have too much echoes and reverb.
  3. I'm going to cover some muse songs on piano next month and I'm not finding the correct settings on my keyboard, like the arpeggio type (i.e. octave up, octave down, strum...), the MIDI voice (i.e. grand piano, harpsichord...). If possible, I'd like to play like the Bizarre Festival/Reading 2000 version. Cheers. (Also, sorry for my bad English).
  4. Top Five: Time is Running Out - Glastonbury 2004 Dead Star - V Festival 2008 New Born - Wembley Stadium 2007 Bliss - Le Zenith 2001 Muscle Museum - Le Zenith 2001 Shuffle Dance, Chris' backing vocals, Chris' lol headbanging, Matt destroying balloons and Matt's high jumping are bonuses in these tracks...
  5. I think they should play You F*ckin' Motherf*cker and crash everything. Just kidding. They should play Muscle Museum or Blackout + Take a Bow (instrumental) outro, like Glastonbury 2004.
  6. Knights of Cydonia Supermassive Black Hole Map of the Problematique Time is Running Out Hysteria Muscle Museum Starlight Microcuts Unintended Blackout New Born Feeling Good Apocalypse Please Butterflies and Hurricanes Bliss Dead Star Can't Take My Eyes Off of You Citizen Erased Plug in Baby Take a Bow
  7. Top Five: Galloping desperado - KoC Dead Star (the entire song) New Born chorus Blackout (the entire song) Supermassive Black hole chorus
  8. New Born - outro Knights of Cydonia - Intro Muscle Museum - entire song Microcuts - when Matt starts to scream/sing
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