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    PAU (France)
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    I spend the time with my too sweet children !
    Go to concerts
    Take dancing classes and gym
    I played piano during several years
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    Ennio Morricone....
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    All the Star War
    Gone with the wind
    Bienvenue chez les ch'tis
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    music magazines
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    Da Vinci Code of Dan Brown
    L'écume des jours of Boris Vian
    Et si c'était vrai of Marc Levy
    Theatre : Molière, Ionesco (Rhinoceros is very great)
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    Haarp DVD/CD
    The Resistance box limited
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    I saw Muse on Toulouse last november 2009
  1. I try, and try and..... I send before write here another message to muse help....
  2. I'm very very angry, since several months I can't connect anymore to muse.mu. my password don't work anymore, I don't know why. I'm member since 2009 and I don't want to change my username. Muse messageboard help me to reconnect me to the forum only, not to the site muse.mu. When I try to connect to the site I write my username and I choice "password lost" because it doesn't recognize me. I receive a mail inbox and apply the instructions, with any success. I think I abandon it, I will not anymore member, with a lot of regrets !!!!!
  3. Hello, I'm a member and a fan of Muse, I have a problem to connect me to your site. It's very, very unpleasant ! One month and half, I can't connect, only to the forum. I send messages to the shopsupport, and I had responses in return, but don't work. I would like to pre-order the deluxe box set, and more, but I can't anymore. Does anybody had known that ?:mad:
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