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    I like to play music and write stories--cook--Very creative and independent--Problem Solver--I am American,Cuban,Ecuadorian,Spaniard,Chinese,and Japanese(i know....i'm almost international)
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    South Florida
  • Interests
    Cooking-- Music:electric guitar and piano--Sports:football(soccer)-- Books--Movies--Music--Sketches(drawing)-- Manchester United--FIFA games
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    Student-- Future:probabably a P.A. in Hospital in the Trauma Unit
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  • Favourite Bands
    Muse--Kate Nash--Billie Piper--Paramore--30 Seconds To Mars--BoA--Flyleaf--David Bowie
  • Favourite Films
    V for Vendetta!!!!--Blood and Chocolate--Twilight--Shaun of the Dead--Hot Fuzz--The Fifth Element--Bend It Like Beckham--Day Watch--28 Days Later & 28 Weeks Later--Kung Fu Panda--Dark Night-- Japanese films--Halloween(original, the remake was a disaster)--Pretty in Pink--Breakfast Club
  • Favourite TV Shows
    Ghost Adventures--Ashes to Ashes--Doctor Who--Torchwood--Monty Python--Ace of Cakes--Graham Norton Show--Catherine Tate Show--Trauma(which is real Hospital videos and dilemmas)--Disorder in the Court--Smoking Gun presents World's Dumbest...--Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys(from the 70s)
  • Favourite Books
    Eve Of Darkness--Magic Bites--Magic Burns--Magic Strikes--Twilight--New Moon--Eclipse--Breaking Dawn--Love from London--Divided By A Common Language(British and American English)--Night Fires--Nancy Drew
  • Muse Releases Owned
    Showbiz--Origin of Symmetry--Hullabaloo CD.AbsolutionCD--Black Holes And Revelations CD and DVD--HAARP CD and DVD
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    Bank Atlantic Center,FL 2007 (first time ever hearing of them there)
  1. Just had to leave a comment saying, TORCHWOOD AND MUSE FANS PWN! :D lol

    ^_^ Plus, Happy Birthday! :D

  2. Torchwooooooooood <3

  3. welcome to the forum :)

  4. welcome to the forum!



    p.s. DW and TW are awesome!!!!

  5. i think it could be cool....his skills are awesome so i bet he can pull it off
  6. LOL, yes, I died happy. And if you think I didn't die... well, I don't have proof, but this is my ghost talking.

  7. tankoman u r amazing
  8. i agree commiting suicide is NO JOKE....someones life is gone each time i hate when people try to make a joke outta it...... thanks darkshines9 for spreading some awareness really appreciate it
  9. died happy i hope


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