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    Hmm, so um, I'm Mar. I love Muse...a lot. Which makes sense. I'm a total geek when it comes to school (especially science.) and I'm proud. :D
    I'm a drama major, a drama queen, dramatic person...whatever. I sing, love making movies, and really that's it. If I'm not doing anything like this, I'm likely killing some time here or in my room.
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    The Outskirts of Nowhere
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    Musique, Acting, Singing, Writing, Soccer, Trying (but failing miserably) to teach myself piano, School stuff
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    High school
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    too many to name...can I mention Muse?
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    A lot :)
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    Air Canada Centre, March 8, 2010 :D
  1. RW62301.jpg


    Kim Kardashian mixed dressing


    Dressed in a white T-Shirt, a black jacket, white slashed-up jeans, white handbag and a pair of black gladiator sandals, Kim Kardashian stepped out a car and hurried into a building. The Handbag of Kim Kardashian looks young and fashion-savvy.

  2. hi =) just wondering, where in canada do u live? u dont have to answer if u dont want to =)

  3. Twilight should die a thousand painful deaths I was considering suicide the day that I heard 2 fifth graders singing "SooperDooper Black SOUL!" ...please, give me a break.
  4. Anytime, anytime :)


    And by the way, I looked at those Christmas pictures, they're :awesome:

  5. Soo, sooooo excited! I just flipped out when I read that they're coming to the ACC. Bring on MARCH!
  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to look!!!! I found it, and keep playing over the "My voice is fine, WHAAAAAAAA!!" :chuckle: Thanks again, if you ever need help with finding anything, let me know. I owe you big :D

  7. Hey there!

    Well, I saw it in a funny moments video, and I found the actual one but I don't remember...I'll check for you when it isn't late and I'm in the mood for sleep, haha :)




    So I found the actual interview, but I searched it on Youtube and it only said "Offenbach Interview", nothing really came up on Musewiki...hope this helps.

  8. Hey there :D


    I noticed your sig, and thought that seeing it's one of your keeps, you'd know what interview Matt does that "WHAAAAAA!!!" in. I never knew which one it was :erm:

  9. MOOOOOONDAY! I think I'm going to start twitching with excitement
  10. Patience, my friends, patience... Ah, screw it. Bring on the tour dates! I'm going insane over here!
  11. If they're coming to Canada, chances are that they'll visit Toronto. Well, they just announced more US dates...CANADA NEXT PLEASE AND THANK YOUS
  12. I find myself sort of obsessed with it. I'm not sure why, it's just addictive, and to me, really inspiring. Glorious = Love
  13. Yeah, I hope so too. I live really close to Toronto anyway, but for the people that don't it would be great.
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