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  1. Thanks for the info :) I might have to catch it on the iplayer as I might go see Noah on Friday

  2. Believe I am not a 3D fan but this is the one film that needs to be seen in 3D ti's beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Oh and the soundtrack works perfectly in the film. One Direction has a film :stunned:

  3. Just came back from seeing Gravity, it's mind blowing. You have to see it 3D if you want the full experience. I'm a 3D fan but if there's one film made for 3D it's that one. Amazing even if it gave me a bit of motion sickness at time :LOL:

  4. Yes it is definitely the kind of film that has to be watched at the cinema on the big screen.

    I grew up watching films with my grandfather so apart from the usual Disney the films of my childhood are Gone With The Wind, The 10 Commandments, Shogun Assassin or The Greatest Show On Earth... not your typical kids movie :LOL: I can actually do remember watching Return of the Jedi for the first time when I was 6.

    Pan's Labyrinth is such an amazing film.

  5. What!!? That person needs to be shot let me guess not enough explosion and space chase for them! Yeah I'm going on my own got myself a ticket for the IMAX this Sunday. Just go by yourself.

    Regarding Hitchcock it's different for me as he is part of my childhood I remember watching his films growing up so he kind of has always been there for me.

  6. Yeah a lot of people thought the same about The Happening but I agree The Birds are absolutely brilliant, Hitchcock was such an innovative director.

  7. Beware of those seagulls... I actually saw one once almost kill a pigeon over a french frie on the floor :( Yes I really like that kind of fatality ending. I know a lot of people hated The Happening but I liked that film for that reason the fact that there is no escape of fighting back that's what makes it scary.

  8. Harry's arm is only bad in the sense of visually seeing the decay. I agree about Marion and Sarah's ending... Sarah's friends crying on the bench after visiting her was heartbreaking. I did like the fact that all 4 characters end up in the same foetal position at the end of the film it just adds to the hopelessness. I watched Prisoners at the weekend and I was pleasantly surprised I though it was going to be your classic kidnap action story but it was much more character driven.

  9. I agree Pi was extremely inverting and unsettling I mean it managed to give me motion sickness on the train! Having re watched Requiem at the weekend I can really appreciate how Pi is laying out the blue print for requiem in sense of the camera work, use of music and the repetitive actions. Get ready for ready for Harry's arm!

  10. Let me know what you think of them :) I've found Pi so I'm planning to watch it on the train on Thursday as I have a meeting in London. Currently listening to Death Is The Road To Awe, this is such a amazing piece of music so tragic and powerful!

  11. I haven't see Pi yet but I have seen Requiem For A Dream a couple of time and it is such a raw film. I love the camera work and I think the soundtrack perfectly reflects the atmosphere of the film and what's happening to the characters. The only other Aronofski film I haven't seen is the wrestler. I absolutely loved Black Swan but I thought The Fountain was a bit hit and miss although the soundtrack and filmography are gorgeous. I never realised there were references to Vertigo in 12 Monkeys but then I haven't watched it in years.

  12. He played stuff from his main soundtracks like Pi, Moon, Requiem, The Fountain, etc... The nice thing is that he gave a little intro and background before each piece. I know what you mean that's how I discovered Moon and The Fountain by watching the films. Which Aronofsky films are you planning to watch? I'm glad you enjoyed Dial M for Murder I think you'll enjoy Vertigo. I'm planning to rewatch Requiem for a Dream and watch for the first time Never Let me Go.

  13. In the sense of since I saw him live earlier this year I think he can do no wrong. That main there from Moon gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. Have you listened to The Fountain soundtrack? It's my favourite after Moon.

  14. You should! I listen to a lot of soundtrack at work there are just so many great ones although I am biased for Clint Mansell

  15. No problem I came across it purely by chance last night and thought it was excellent. So many interesting trivia and info. I'm looking forward to part 3 next week.

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  18. You scrooge! :LOL: I should get to London at some point during the afternoon. PM me your number?

  19. I am most certainly is! When are you getting to London?

  20. Hmmm... you might want to check the loveboat section...

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    For any kind of name change or changes to your username you need to send a private message to Miss Blee as she is the only one who has access.

  22. Hi, you need to be nominated and take part in the awards we have every year in December

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