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  1. your absence is appropriate. this is a ghost town. thanks for Condor Moments

  2. Si usted está buscando para optimizar su financiación Créditos Rápidos, y la tasa de interés anual del crédito del proveedor es superior a lo que ofrecen los bancos, es preferible que pedir prestado a los bancos en su lugar. Esto también podría significar que es preferible tomar prestado de ese banco y pagar al proveedor temprano para conseguir el descuento y evitar el alto costo de los intereses del proveedor. Si ocurre lo contrario y el interés de los bancos es mayor, su proveedor parece ser una mejor fuente de financiación que el banco, por lo que el descuento por pronto pago podría no ser la opción óptima. En nuestro ejemplo, el 36,7% es normalmente una alta tasa de interés, en este caso, es mejor tomar el descuento por pronto pago y préstamos de los bancos.

  3. Aye I mainly put all the best stuff onto loss less via USB mixer, the n onto CD for CDJ use to avoid the whole records getting nicked, having to constantly check they're on a flat cool surface etc (not good in clubs) so there#s more time to concentrate on other things. But I am ever so slightly in love with the ritual flicking through crates; grabbing a record smelling it, setting it up and literally feeling the music (that and the hipster-ish ego buzz). Juuso - More asap please.
  4. I'm jealous of the Chill House mix, great song choices.Same goes for the last 30 minutes of Gregory House (not that it's bad, just not my thing - earlier on). Second the focus and investing in production - you've got a good talent here (and you know what a stuck up cunt I am with music, so I don't give out compliments like that lightly. Try a USB mixer and rotar isolator, or Haze's vinyl suggestion never used it myself but loads of far better people rave about them) i.e - gives you complete control over the sound and is a piece of piss to use. Believe it or not this is a jazz record at about triple speed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=No876Jjmvg8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXhYmWyo1ig
  5. Same on laptop using firefox - 'A user name and password are being requested by http://board.muse.mu. The site says: "Muse.mu Administrator Panel"'
  6. They crop up sometimes as memes in picture threads - off the top of my head there's one in the 'legitimate rape' thread. I'm not complaining or owt just find it a bit odd; but the place is better for having different sense of humour and the like. Just cause I find it massivley offensive myself doesn't mean everyone has to play by my rules etc...
  7. I really couldn't care any less dude, it was a joke. I just find it funny that jokes about racism and rape are allowed yet not reporting a spambot isn't. Plus it was guaranteed to cause a hissyfit.
  8. I dunno, I once got an infraction or summat by you know who for not reporting a spambot.
  9. womp, womp, womp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AF-eIexWAcc
  10. Go for it. Doing another radio show at 7 til 9 tomorrow night of re-edits I've done: http://frequencyradio.co.uk/ Get in, get on, get wet. Demo to follow...
  11. Same, though apparently playing other people's records makes you some kind of muso-creative now as opposed to banter which it's been every single time for years. I blame Skillrex.
  12. It's easy, all you need to do is count to four on one down beat, count to four on the other, match them up (so they're both hitting four at the same time) then drop them in. Ideally live but cheating is allowed for the wannabe's providing they own up to it.
  13. Pah now no one's going to read it/take part. Even took me ages to find the thread and I set it up.
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