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  1. haha... Ok. Wow... It been so long we've been here and since we've talked. Yeah, I'm doing ok =D How about you? Are you still into Muse? :rolleyes: hehe...I still do, after listening to Unsustainable :p

  2. i have yes haha. i believe my username was hyperCHONDRIAC when we were talking? how're you doing? :)

  3. have you changed your username? Cause I don't remember seeing your username? Still around once in a while but not as much as I do before :p

  4. hey girl! i was just looking through old messages and found an old conversation of ours from 2009 that i had completely forgotten about. sorry to creep you out if you can't remember me at all (because, honesly, i wouldn't blame you lol!) thought i'd just pop in and see if you were still around! :D xxx

  5. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :xmas:

  6. pretty shocking really :shifty: speaking of which... :shifty:

  7. fancy seeing you here :eyebrows:

  8. eliimo

    oi get back to chat, i'm bored

  9. Hey there, you too!

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