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  1. hey! If by some kind of miracle you come back to this place 😂 How are you? 

  2. I surely don’t miss the homework!

    I never really had the motivation to do all the reading I was supposed to when I couldn’t chose my classes. Working on a subject that actually interests me helps, but even now I sometimes find it hard to have enough discipline to sit and do my research. I still have a good year to finish my thesis so that’s good :p


    So, are you doing much beside working on you record? Or I imagine it must take pretty much all of your time :p

  3. How cool! I looked up your band, and it doesn't sound like anything I usually listen (in a really good way!) Maybe one day you'll come to Quebec and I'll see you playing live :p


    I think if I could, I would always stay in school. I've always loved learning and last year I finished a second cycle diploma in college teaching. I had the chance to teach a class this fall for my practicum and prepared 15 hours on the concept of imperialism in the western civilization. The best part was when I showed them a documentary about human zoos, something most (all) of them didn't even know existed.


    I think I really found my place and it's a good way to share my passion for history and make the young adults (even if we are almost the same age) think!

  4. Oh hi! :O


    I come here maybe once a year, but never actually look at anything except for threads about gigs in my city (when there's one). I don't know why I came today, but I'm happy to have news from you!


    I'm doing good, working on my master's degree in American history, and drinking a lot of coffee.

    What about you?

  5. Wine has been a good friend for me this year, sometimes it helps to find motivation.

  6. First year studying history in university, drinking beer (right now is a good example), I try to stay zen and find a way to enjoy life.


    What about you?

  7. Tired also and happy.


    It did (kind of) get better with time.



    Still are.


    How are you?

  9. Sorry it took time to answer. The strike is now over and I'm back to school with tons of work to do...


    Well your story sounds really interesting! Tell me when you'll release your book and I will go buy it right away ;)


    We just hang out in the house, spend time together to strengthen teamwork and that kind of stuff... It was a strange week end, and just imagine my face when I ran into my history teacher shirtless when we were the only one awake in the house. Let's say I didn't need coffee to wake up that morning!


    And yeah, that's right! We'll both be 20 this year (you're bday is in july right?). We should move into a retirement house together.


    Anyway I better go back to work, give some news!

  10. My friend's book makes me think of the Lord of the Rings. It's something like that, with elves, and magic. He based his characters on his friends, so I have one :). What will your story be about?


    And if you're talking about the teacher I used to talked almost everyday, yes! We're still good friends, I'm really happy to have him in my life, because I can tell him everything :happy:. And I guess I'm really into teachers because my history teacher and I have become very close lately. We spent a week end together in a house (with the whole group of student who are going to Greece with us) and we had time to talk avec get to know each others. Let's say I was speechless when he told me the names of the first 150 pokemons! He's a kid at heart, it's so cute ^^


    Oh and I just chose my courses for University and kind of feel old now, haha.


    Give some news!

  11. Omg O_O you're pregnant?? Congratulations! :kiss: Since when? I want details!!

    And a story? That's cool! One of my friend is working on a book. He'd love to make it into a movie too.


    And for me well i've been on strike for 6 weeks now, because the students here are against tuition-fee hikes. I had a trip to Greece with my college in june, but now it's delayed in july. I don't really care if it's delayed, as long as I go! haha.


    It's been a long time buddy, I missed you ^^

  12. Buddy!!! :kiss: :kiss: We haven't talked in sooo long!


    How are you?

  13. Yeah, I had fun :)


    Oh and I wanted to tell you, I love your signature :LOL:

  14. I just saw your birthday message for me.. Thank you !! :happy::awesome:

  15. CHASE!! :supersad: :supersad: :supersad: Where are you??


    I miss you!! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

  16. No!! I haven't talk to him since his last message (24/12/2010). I'm getting worried now :(

  17. We all miss you Chase, where are you????? :(

  18. I play flute for the school band. The conductor gives us chords, and we learn them. This year, for the show, we're going to play songs like Harry Potter's theme, Jurassic Park, Swan Lake... I'd love to learn some Muse songs with a friend too :happy:


    I spent a lot of time with my family last week, because it was Christmas. I was fun =) I have a few days off, but I'm working too. Tonight, I'm planning on going out with my friends. School only begin on january 17th, so I still have time.


    What about you?? And Merry (late) Christmas !



  19. Hey!! Sorry for the late reply, I had so much work to do and exams at school... Now, vacations, YAY! :dance:

    The whole trip will cost around $50 000. We've already started raising money, and now I have to sell chocolate bars. I can't wait!! And yes, I like my history teacher :happy:. I think all my friends know that he is my favorite teacher and that he likes me as a student too. We can talk about anything and we even know each other's family. It's so funny how we laugh together and how we always have eye contact when we are in the same room. I'll have to work with him a lot next semester, but it's going to be fun.


    I'm in the school band (if that count??) and I've been playing flute for 6 years now. I can piano too. I love music :awesome:


    Talk to you soon! xxxxxx :kiss:

  20. We are 14 students with 3 teachers (and one of them is my history teacher :awesome:) in the project. We'll organise some activities to raise money so we can to go Greece in June 2012. I think the trip will be something like 18 days long.. I'm so excited !!! :D It's going to be awesome.


    Did you say you are in a band?? Really?? What do you play?

    Oh and I hope you feel better!


  21. OHHH!!! Next time Muse come in Quebec !!


    How are you?? I had so much homework last week... Now I have a little bit a time for myself. FINALLY :happy:


    Did I tell you I was going to Greece in June 2012 ?? It's a project in my program at school. I ask my history teacher if we could do this project, and he was soo happy (he LOVES to travel). So he said yes!! (Awesome teacher :awesome:) We had our first meeting on monday :happy:




  22. NO WAY !! :eek:


    Where in Quebec ??

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