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  1. Hey I've been missing you buddy! How you been!? :D

  2. Dear "Musers" who made a huge deal about what I said...it's people like you that make the world a shitty place where people are too afraid/anxious to say anything at all...I mean as if there wasn't already enough social pressure in this world hmm? Well anyways I believe that this messageboard has become overrun by shitty cuntface pricks who are overly judgemental not only with their other fellow members but even with the BAND itself so thank you for making this a very unpleasant site not only for me but to others as well.


    Um yeah and calm down "big dawgs" it's only a snack forum on a band website...I can't believe you can take yourself and others so seriously and feel prestigious enough to insult them on what they say pfff :rolleyes:

  3. Well I'm kinda worried about someone stealing my idea for a book but it happens to be a romantic love story between a killer and some dude who is unaware that she is a killer. The actual plot is a lot better but I just don't want anyone jacking my ideas. :p Lol and your character must be OSSUM!


    Awww and he sounds cool! :LOL: What where all you guys doing in a house anyways??? Hehe and I know what you mean...I'm starting too feel all old too...I can't believe this year I'll be twenty! Yikes!



  4. Lol yeah mmmm like for 4 months...I'm not really sure what I'm gonna do with it...probably the Juno approach though. :p Oh and cool what kind of a book is it???


    Oh and I remember you telling me about that...do you still have your cool teacher??? Ah and strike how rebellious :chuckle:


    Missed you too! :kiss:



  5. SARAH! i've been really good. Mmmmm I'm pregnant for one, which is an interesting experience and I'm also trying to write a story. I've already got the plot...it's real good! :awesome: But ah I've got writers block! :/


    Well anyway...enough about me...how have you been dear??? It's very nice hearing from you! :D



  6. Hey how have you been??? I haven't heard from you in Ice Ages. :(

  7. Oh god well I haven't heard from him in like what a year? It's been a while...I hope he's okay. So you really loved him huh? And eh I guess I'm having some love problems as well.

  8. Nope :( But are you okay?

  9. AHAHAHA JK but if it helps you feel any better I'm not exactly punctual either! :p Sooooooooo Happy late New Year! :party::LOL:

  10. WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p

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