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    I live in acocks green in birmingham (England) people have bullied me for being ginger so i have pretty low self esteem... but i'm not an emo... in general i enjoy life and have done even more when starting to pick up musical instruments and starting to play...
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    I love my music and MUSE. I play guitar & keyboard but my main instrument's BASS
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    being amazing
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    Pendulum, simple plan, Paramore
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    Mock the week
    Little Miss Jocelyn
    Never mind the buzzcocks
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    ASBO fairy tales
    Ones by paul stewart and Chris riddle
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    Origin of Symmenty
    Black holes and Revelations
  1. Showbiz Best - Uno, and HTAILO Worse - Overdue OOS Best - Citezen erased/hyper music/megalomania Worse - Plug-in-baby Absolution Best - Stockholm syndrome/Sing for absolution Worse - TIRO BH&R Best - City of delusion (By far) followed by hoodoo Worse - SMBH Resistance Best - resistace/MK Ultra/exogenisis(whole thing) Worse - Uprising and guiding light
  2. OoS comes first: Just so original and unique Then Resistance, BH&R, and showbiz are like on all the same level With absolution at the bottom of the pile unfortunately
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