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  1. More shows coming up: October 28th - Chicoutimi, QC October 29th - St-Georges, QC November 5th - St-Hyacinthe, QC If you're in the area, come check us out: http://tributetomuse.com/
  2. I wouldn't say there's a "typical" setlist since we move it around all the time, what with different events having different lengths and all. We pick songs from our master list for every show. Most events we play are 2x50 minutes, but some are as short as 45 minutes, while others go as long as 3x45. The master list goes: From Showbiz: Sunburn Muscle Museum Cave Showbiz Unintended From OOS: New Born Bliss Hyper Music Plug In Baby Citizen Erased Feeling Good From Absolution: Apocalypse Please Time Is Running Out Stockholm Syndrome Hysteria Butterflies and Hurricanes The Small Print From Black Holes: Take A Bow Starlight Supermassive Black Hole Map of the Problematique Assassin Exo-Politics City of Delusion Knights of Cydonia From The Resistance: Uprising Resistance Undisclosed Desires United States of Eurasia (occasionally with Nocturne) Unnatural Selection MK Ultra Others: Helsinki Jam Dead Star Neutron Star Collision It's a long trek from the UK, but if you're ever around here, look us up
  3. More dates announced for Uprising Tribute to Muse: Saturday Feb 26th, Montreal, Pub O'Hara's Friday March 25th, Laval, Le Repaire Saturday April 16th, St-Jérôme, Café d'en Face And more to be announced soon. Come check us out, you won't regret it!
  4. Hey all, So Muse are playing Quebec City tomorrow night, and if any of you are going and don't know yet, there will be a huge after-show party at the Dagobert Night Club, with my tribute band Uprising playing and partying along. Tons of fun with your fellow Muse fans, AND there is no cover charge. So come along and say hi and have a blast with us! Event on Facebook Fan page on Facebook
  5. And we're live in Chicoutimi tomorrow night! Come and enjoy some Muse and beer http://www.bieresdumonde.ca/chicoutimi/francais/programmation.html
  6. And we're live tonight at Telus Theatre! Check it out! http://www.theatretelus.com/L-Hommage-a-U2/
  7. Guess you'll have to stick with the real thing... not that that's bad
  8. Fellow Muse fans in the province of Quebec, our Muse Tribute band "Uprising" is starting a series of live concerts in July... here's a sneak peak at some big events coming up: -Friday July 16th - Telus Theatre, Montreal Uprising and JoshUa2 (tribute to U2) join forces for a night of serious rocking in this superb 1000+ person venue -Thursday July 22nd - Festival des Bieres, Chicoutimi Uprising hits the main stage at one of Saguenay's biggest yearly events -Saturday August 7th - Pazzazz, Val-David Come experience a full night with Uprising delivering over 2 hours of Muse -Thursday October 21st - Le Dagobert, Quebec Join us for the ultimate after-Muse-concert experience at Quebec's best rock club There will be plenty more to come. If we're hitting your area, check us out, we're always more than happy to meet fellow Muse fans! And if we're not, tell your local venues about us! Check us out on: Facebook Myspace YouTube Keep on rockin'!
  9. The concept itself is quite ridiculous. Take Metallica, who produced several poor albums after their black album, yet people still enjoy old-school Metallica and go to their shows, and the band is not any worse for it. Sure, releasing one crappy album may see your sales going down and people shunning on the album in general, but they'll still go to shows, and listen to the good albums. There's no such thing as quitting "at your peak", more like because you've run out of good ideas or decided to focus your energy elsewhere. And even the latter is not a good excuse, you don't have to "end" a project, you can take the time to do other stuff and then see if you'll come back to it...
  10. Except vocals on GH suck so much they are not enjoyable. Rock Band: Muse anytime Guitar Hero: Muse would be meh
  11. Good stuff, onzieme diese, that was fun to listen to. The singer really needs to enunciate some more, though; Matt already stretches words a lot, so you need clear consonants or the lyrics are not intelligible. Have fun with the show! From a fellow Muse tribute in Canada
  12. Heh I stand corrected on the unproven high note part. They don't actually show anything beyond G#8 in that second video, despite the record claimed to be G10; admitedly, a lot of audio equipment, and audio encryption would not be able to reproduce a G10, but the 9th octave should have been possible.
  13. The article pretty much sums it up, although it uses an alternate convention for octave numbers (which are unfortunately not 100% standard, and get very annoying when you mess around with lots of keyboards and sequencers like I do). So in scientific pitch notation, Matt's range is actually G2 to A5. G2 is a pretty common bottom note for tenor males. A5 is a pretty high top note, that tenor males cannot reach in chest voice but some can reach using head voice/falsetto techniques, like Matt. Other high pitch references: -The high note (for me, for me, for ME) in Bohemian Rhapsody is approximately a Bb5. I say approximately because the song does not use standard 440Hz tuning (I forget if it's slightly lower or higher) -The highest note in Deep Purple's Child in Time is an A5. The human voice does get lower with age (so one's whole range shifts down), but if one takes good care of their voice, the effect is not THAT dramatic, as in you'll go down approximately 2 to 3 semi-tones by the time you're 65 (no good research exists beyond this age). Obviously, bad vocal habits, or habits that are detrimental the the lungs and/or throat areas (such as smoking) can make this much worse. Other things can temporarily affect one's range, although research on this is limited and therefore, I'll only provide experimental examples, which are not recommended and at your own risk, but can certainly be worth a laugh or two: -one's range can be shifted up by inhaling helium, producing something close to the chipmunk effect -one's range is typically slightly lower in the first hours after waking up in the morning -one's range is typically lower the day after drinking a lot of alcohol One morning, after drinking lots of port wine the night before, I was able to sing a Bb1, much lower than my normal bottom E2. No human has a range close to that of a grand piano (A0 to C8), and Matt belongs in that category as well. Claims exist of high notes beyond C8 attained, but none have been verified; and I don't think anyone has ever challenged (or even come close to) the A0 for a low. Phew... I don't think any more technical info can fit in a post now
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