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    A few details about myself.
    Now,where are they?
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    Music,Art,and football (watching it dyyd).

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    I depress,I annoy and I argue.
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    Royksopp,Air,Bonobo,Calvin Harris,Miike Snow,various Korean boybands (even though kPop is God awful!)
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    That's too many to list!
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    Community,Malcolm In the Middle,The X-Files,The Big Bang Theory,The Simpsons. Masterchef maybe.
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    There is an absolute genius of a writer called Rohinton Mistry and I will marry him someday.
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    Black Holes and Revelations,Origin of Symmetry.There are no Muse CDs where I live.
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    Muse never came within 500 miles of where I live:(

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  1. *cries because I have not logged onto the forums in eons and I have missed this stupid shit*

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