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  1. There old stuff is fucking awesome! but there new stuff has gone to shit :noey:

  2. well of course Muse!! but also Megadeth, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains. then in october theres Air, Slayer and maybe Rammstein!!

  3. good too. just getting jittery about some good releases coming in september :)

  4. ello fellow Muse fan!! haha how are you these days?

  5. HELLO! yup! my plan is to get into the pits! even if i have to sleep over though the line! any idea of how their GA lines fill up?

  6. haha thank you for being considerate :)

  7. hahaha someones been on here a while!

  8. awesome occupation...and you props on being at Wembley :)

  9. dont get me started!! haha now its just billy corgan and a bunch of bastards!! he should just leave and do a solo or start a band idk oh well at least we have the gold memories:)

  10. mostly i love the mixture of the Jimmy's drumming, the guitar work along with the vocals just creates such an awesome atmosphere!! fucking love the smashing pumpkins haha

  11. probably a tie between tonight, tonight , cherub rock, BWBW, and the end is the beginning is the end. but i really like a lot of their songs haha.. how bout you?

  12. hell yes! the smashing pumpkins are awesome.

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