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  1. There old stuff is fucking awesome! but there new stuff has gone to shit :noey:

  2. well of course Muse!! but also Megadeth, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains. then in october theres Air, Slayer and maybe Rammstein!!

  3. good too. just getting jittery about some good releases coming in september :)

  4. ello fellow Muse fan!! haha how are you these days?

  5. HELLO! yup! my plan is to get into the pits! even if i have to sleep over though the line! any idea of how their GA lines fill up?

  6. Wow. About a week ago i bought Absolution Tour and a Radiohead poster on amazon. Now I'm "recommended" to buy the Twilight DVD, Book, Poster and other merchandise crap. I love Muse and Radiohead. but i really don't want them to be in the new soundtrack. however if Thom Yorke wants to participate, then good for him.
  7. http://hollywoodcrush.mtv.com/2009/07/20/new-moon-soundtrack-confirmation-prime-your-ears-for-muse-radiohead-band-of-skulls/ If only we'd had Alice's prescient powers, we would have seen this coming. After months of speculation about which artists will be featured on the "New Moon" soundtrack (Kelly Clarkson maybe? Or Jasper himself, Jackson Rathbone? What about Lee Safar and Kings of Leon?), we finally have word from director Chris Weitz as to a few of the artists gracing the album. According to The L.A. Times, Muse, Radiohead and Band of Skulls will appear on the much-thirsted-for soundtrack. This marks the second time Muse will contribute to a Saga soundtrack. Their "Supermassive Black Hole," which you'll recall accompanied the baseball scene in "Twilight," was also the opening track to the movie's album. Author Stephenie Meyer is a devoted fan of the band, often using their songs as inspiration while writing. She lists no fewer than four songs, among them "Hyper Music" and "Apocalypse Please" as unofficial playlist tracks for "New Moon." Brit band Radiohead is also a favorite of the author. Though they don't appear on Stephenie's "New Moon" playlist, their seminal "Creep" crept on to the author's unofficial "Twilight" playlist. The lone "Twilight" franchise newcomer among the bunch is Band of Skulls. The British alt-rock band formed in 2008 and released their first album, "Baby Darling Doll Face Honey," in March. Though we have yet to find out which songs will be used for the album, it's nice to know which artists we can expect to hear from. It's a welcome, though not all-together surprising, list thus far.
  8. does anyone know if there is a remastered version or fixed version out there on the web? i have looked and can not find one. thank you
  9. haha thank you for being considerate :)

  10. hahaha someones been on here a while!

  11. awesome occupation...and you props on being at Wembley :)

  12. dont get me started!! haha now its just billy corgan and a bunch of bastards!! he should just leave and do a solo or start a band idk oh well at least we have the gold memories:)

  13. mostly i love the mixture of the Jimmy's drumming, the guitar work along with the vocals just creates such an awesome atmosphere!! fucking love the smashing pumpkins haha

  14. probably a tie between tonight, tonight , cherub rock, BWBW, and the end is the beginning is the end. but i really like a lot of their songs haha.. how bout you?

  15. hell yes! the smashing pumpkins are awesome.

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