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    not twilight lol
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    Peep show
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    sadly you bastards buy the tickets too fast for me to get any :(
  1. Ah I see, any chance getting in if I risked buying some you reckon? Feels like it's been too long since my last muse gig! Norwich is a lovely city btw! I'd rather live there than southend
  2. Is it only exclusive to norwich residents? :S I would love to buy some Saturday tickets off someone but live in southend and not sure if there's any rules like you have to show the card you got them with and i.d to get in. Had no luck with tickets so far
  3. where people are saying matt sings ''kill under my control'' is quite clearly ''kill by remote control''. Which makes more sense too considering what matt's talked about in interviews and reapers being a type of drone. Don't know if anyone's picked up on that yet
  4. Really sorry to everyone who messaged me about the ticket, I completely forgot about posting it on here and wasnt expecting any response tbh! I couldnt get the saturday off work so now found someone to go with me on the sunday! apologies to all!

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