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    There's not much to tell about myself really. Love music, love computers, love hanging out with friends. Tolkien and Muse are my passion!
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    Muse ;). Woodkid, placebo.
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    LOTR Trilogy
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    Scrubs, True Blood, walking dead, Mr. Robot, GoT
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    Tolkiens set of books
    Fantasy novels
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    No money = Not much Muse.
    I have Origin CD, a poster and a MUSE Tshirt.
    Going to buy all CDs+DVDs, 8 Muse cups, the Muse bag, Uprising teddy.
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    Hovet, Stockholm 2007
    Hovet, Stockholm 2009
  1. Standing tickets are, and was pretty much directly. I would not mind seats but my friends first time to see them, they wanted to stand. Decided to go for biljett24 tickets. Biljett.nu seems pretty risky but everyone I've talked to think 24 is legit and always work even IF it is expensive.
  2. Missed Bråvalla because of work, missed ticket release because of work. I'm a 26 year old man almost crying with anxiety right now. Don't sure if I can trust Biljett24 and those sites, and it's more than 2x the cost... 5 years since I saw them and had tickets to all the cancelled shows. #FML.
  3. Was mistaken, my nickname wasn't TordFish. Might be the reason I couldn't log in;)! Wrigley it is and Askyl is the new account I made to make the post in this thread. Would love if anyone could help out!
  4. Stop saying "We" like every oldschool Muse fan agrees with you. I think Muse is getting better and better, and I started to listen to them in the OoS/Absolution era. 2nd law is without a doubt their best album.
  5. Wait, what? Big Freeze is one of my favs. The one i Dislike the most must be Isolated systems. Not that it's bad, it's amazing. It's just not a song you listen to when driving, playing games or whatever. It's a very good instrumental though. All songs are freakin awesome.
  6. Hej Zacke :'D! (Säger hej för jag kallas Zac/Zacke). I september verkar deras nya album vara stämplat för avfärd! gissar på att de kommer börja europaturné lite efter det, kanske början av 2010? Känns som de kommer att komma till Sverige. Tycker det skulle vara dumt om de inte gjorde för de borde ju inse att de hade och har många mer fans nu än de som var i Hovet 2007. Gissar väl dock att det bara blir spelning i Stockholm, hade velat Göteborg. Men men, I no care, så länge jag får se dem =)
  7. For the lulz: What what (In the but). Can think of a opera/microcuts version of that song, would seriously be awesome. But.. Hmm.. I'd love to see them do a cover of Placebos "Post Blue"
  8. /vinkar Jag har haft Muse i mitt hjärta några år nu. Jag är lite så halvt besatt av dem att jag får nästan panik och ångest om jag inte lyssnat på dem på några timmar. Lite småjobbigt då jag även vill lyssna på annat =D. Hoppas även de kommer till Göteborg nästa turne! Kommer dock till Stockholm igen om det inte blir så, Hovet 2007 var helt jävla perfekt. Fy fan vad bra.<3
  9. Sunburn, the entire song. Mostly the intro (Piano version ofc.). I love it more than life itself! I love the riff in Crying Shame, so odd. Bassline in verse of Hyper Music The switch from Piano to Guitar in In Your World. "SIIING FOR ABSOLUUUUUUUUUTIOOOON" The lyrics/vocals of the last "Sing for Absolution" (3.33+) and after in Sing for Absolution is the best singing I've heard in a Muse song so far.
  10. First time I heard Muse I heard Plug in Baby. I was totally Amazed, the effect on the bass and the insane guitar intro was something I never had heard before. Think I listened to the song 15+ times (youtube, uhyes). Then after being amazed, I downloaded "Best of Muse" or something, to listen a bit. First I didn't like it as many Muse songs are pretty slow and if they aren't slow, Matthews voice make them sound a bit slow. So I thought, well, good but I got my metal to listen to /headbang. But I left Muse in the playlist and after 2-3 months I (without thinking too much) knew a few Muse songs and started to listen more to the small stuff you just don't hear first time (For example, how freaking awesome the instruments are set up in Citizen Erased at 1.25-1.35) and just fell in love with them. Love how easy the songs really are even if they sound so complex, and how the instruments can sound so metal in Stockholm Syndrome but the song itself most of the time is pretty chilled out because of Matts voice. Since then (4 years ago or so) I've listened to Muse pretty much every day. Best time in my live, Hovet in Stockholm/Sweden 2007<3
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