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  1. I think all you do is click on the link to buy the tickets on the website where it says 'buy tickets' (should be active by then) and then key in your code and it will give you access. Fill in all you details and the tickets are yours!
  2. I was going to say, they'd be playing to themselves if they put the £85 option as Stading/General Admission! Can't argue with £55 for standing...but the support acts will have to be brilliant!
  3. Haha, I do know what you mean! Depends what row you are in. Went to see Red Hot Chili Peppers last year, in the second to last row, was looking down on the stage...higher than the stage lights! Depends what you want to do, if you want to see the support act, socialise in the queue or just see Muse. 5 o'clock for social stuff 6-6.30 in time for support 7 onwards for muse hope this helps
  4. Setlist may look something like this... Unsustainable Supremacy MotP SMBH Resistance Panic Station Animals (Monty Jam) Explorers (Piano Rotation: Falling Down/RBS/Sunburn...(hopefully Bliss)) 1/2 Host + TiRO (either) Liquid State/Save Me Madness Follow Me Undisclosed... PiB New Born (most probably, or SS) Isolated System Uprising Koc Starlight Survival
  5. Hi, my advice to people is too normally stand at either stage right or stage left near to the speakers (the outer edges). You still get the view that you have at the front, just less of the 'push and shove' that often goes on. General Admission often means that you are allowed to be standing (although check with the venue). I went to my first standing gig at 13 and hated it, but don't mind as much now...it's just something you become accustomed to.
  6. Got tickets last minute for this gig! Can't believe it. I'm in one of those VIP boxes at the O2, so quite excited. Hoping for New Born as I've heard Stockholm live before...hopefully we get a curveball like Sunburn or maybe even Muscle Museum...the chances are slim but I still have hope!
  7. Unfortunately wasn't able to get tickets! I had the joy of two exams this morning and there was nobody else around to buy a pair for me! But, as I'm from South London and know Greenwich extremely well, I'll give you all a few pointers about the O2. If you are planning to stay in a hotel near the O2, don't. They are often over the river and cab prices are expensive! There are a few B&Bs a bit further out. A local business near me is called the Eltham Hotel, in Eltham in South London. Never stayed there as I live in the area, so don't really need to but heard it's quite good. Also, the Clarendon Hotel in Blackheath! Very close! The tube is literally a 2 minute walk, maybe not even that, from the venue and trains come quickly! For those up in the clouds in blocks 401-22, I have often been dealt with these seats from booking late (oops!) or facing site congestion then just being left with these seats! They're not as bad as they seem...trust me! If you are near the stage, you are more or less looking right over the stage, so your view is still good. You can see all of the crowd below too, so you actually do get quite a good atmosphere! Hope this helps you all!
  8. Hold it during the day please, easier for me to come up!
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