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    so yes, i'm a gemini, i'm shor.. ahem, vertically-challenged, live and breathe music, adore all things italian, love the stars and astronomy, have a thing for conspiracy theories, yearn to shake hands with a zeta, am an atheist and a bit of a paranoiac, talk fast coz i think fast, sometimes act half my age, always picking up new languages, have mad keyboard skillz and suck at sports.

    it's just one of 'em coincidences.
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    sol map nation
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    nowadays the strokes, incubus, treos, editors
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    showbiz, oos, hullabaloo, hullabaloo japanese dvd, absolution, absolution tour, bhar cd+dvd, haarp, haarp box set, starlight single, uprising single, the resistance ltd ed box set
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    O2 london 12/11/2009 - the first time
    O2 london 13/11/2009 - the favorite [mk ultra, cave]
    singapore 3/2/2010 - the first time standing [sunburn]
    hong kong 6/2/2010 - the best seat ever [dead star + micro cuts outro]
    san siro 8/6/2010 - the worst seat ever [neutron star collision, take a bow]
    stade de france 11/6/2010 - the time i stayed seated [i belong to you]
    stade de france 12/6/2010 - the time i saw why they love france [butterflies & hurricanes, soldier's poem]
    manchester lccc 4/9/2010 - the time i should've stood [citizen erased]
    wembley stadium 10/9/2010 - the time i didn't hear anything new
    wembley stadium 11/9/2010 - the first bliss, the second fav, the last time(?) [bliss, ruled by secrecy]
  1. happy bday, have a good one!

    looking forward to the new album and seeing you guys in november:)

  2. thanks for the request:)

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