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    I'm a HUGE Muse fan and I'm addicted with Dom Howard!!!
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    Muse-ing, Writing
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    Franz Ferdinand
    Arctic Monkeys
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    Bourne Trilogy
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    Channel V
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    Psychology books
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    All Muse albums (CD)
    Absolution DVD
    Muse Almost Accoustic Christmas 2007 DVD
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    Not yet :(
    Sad, I know
    I wish Jakarta, someday
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  1. My fav: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bowling-Pin-Dom/113424505390766 :LOL:
  2. Iya bener banget :'( Apalagi kayaknya sekarang cuaca lagi ga menentu. Mau kemarau eh malah ujan terus. Kalau ada konser outdoor kan nyiksa bgt ujan2an (meski diniatin )
  3. Why'd so many weird threads on Other Muse Topics?
  4. Best song: Stockholm Syndrome Best song played live: Stockholm Syndrome Best live performance: Wembley Stadium 2007 Best live show/ gig: Glastonbury 2004 Best studio album: Absolution Best single: Plug In Baby Best dvd: H.A.A.R.P Best b-side: Dead Star Best cover: Feeling Good Best jam/ riff (e.g. Osaka/ Maggies' Farm etc.): Osaka Jam Best collectible release (e.g. OoS promo with screwdriver/ Muse EP etc.): dunno Best video: Starlight Best lyric: "Believes we could be glorious"-Glorious Best song/album name: Black Holes and Revelations Best opener: Hysteria Best closer: Knights of Cydonia Best setlist (name the gig): Glastonbury 2004!!!! Best riff: Stockholm Syndrome Best drumming on a song: Stockholm Syndrome Best bass-line: Hysteria Best drum kit: Tama Clear Transparent Best guitar (instrument): M1D1 Manson Best bass (instrument): dunno Funniest moment: Matt slipped over at Live 8 (during Bliss) :LOL: Best tour: South American 2008 Best 'intimate' gig (smaller venue): Royal Albert Hall 2008 Best piano song: Redemption Best album artwork: Absolution Best single artwork: Invincible Best Bellamy (Matt's hair/ clothes era): Black Holes and Revelations Best-looking member: Dominic Howard (sorry matt ) Best dressed member: Dominic Howard Most talented member: Matthew Bellamy
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