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  1. Hey Christina! I have been excellent! What about you? Heh I was supposed to write an essay tonight and i made a music blog instead! and i want you to see it! hehheh



  2. Did you really?! Aha I suppose we did stand out..haha I was the one in the pink headband! My friend Maggie was with me...she's a recently converted Muser I am so proud. But hehe yes the outfit it was all for Dom and his Neon Pants Revolution, you know. Hehhe I wish I would have seen you! I was looking for some fellow Musers but I couldn't recognize anyone from their descriptions on the board. Concert was epic, wasn't it?

  3. Hahha Encountering God is like Theology. Or Religion class or whatever. Except much, much worse. Especially when you have a wickedly spiteful nun as your teacher. Haha but yes, I do in fact bring my laptop to school! It's required, we all have them. Instead of taking notes in just normal notebooks, we type our notes on our laptops. Except not in Encountering God I guess. Because we are just that cool. Not. But yes I am glad to have found someone I know on here! haha talk to you soon!

  4. Haha I know me too! At first I thought there was too much and just stayed away haha..but now, i believe, i am starting to get the hang of it. Haha and I know I LOVE PMT/PDT/all of that ahaha. People ask me where I get all these pictures...little do they know..hehe. I've actually started my own thread like a month or two ago, it's in the other Muse topics..titled: Screw Chemistry, the Muse Forum Awaits. Or something like that haha. And I'm glad to hear you've been good! I too love Fridays. Obviously. Who doesn't love Fridays. Speaking of listening to Muse haha I was listening to Citizen Erased on my ipod today and in Encountering God class we were still feeling extremely rebellious against our stupid teacher, i took no notes and doodled this intense thing on my notebook full of citizen erased lyrics and whatever came to mind. it covered my entire page. she was pissed. goal achieved ahha. right now i'm in creative writing class...it's a rather dreary day here so there's not much to look at out the windows...i just want to go home and listen to blackout over and over. that sounds perfect right now haha. and it was so random! i was replying to a thread..i can't remember which one..and you were the last one to reply to it so your name was under the topic..and i was like !!!! ORIGIN OF STARLIGHT. ahha it was a wonderful moment. i know no one on here. i am glad to have found you haha:]

  5. Haha this is exciting indeed! You are like my first real friend on here haha everyone else I just kind of talk to for a day and they stop responding. Haha this forum has so MUCH! It is a little overwhelming. But I love it ahha, Muse..everywhere...ahhah. How are you?

  6. Would this by chance be my friend OriginOfStarlight from YouTube? :DD

  7. Hey thanks for the friend request fellow American Muser ahha.

  8. WHAT? you saw them. IN TEIGNMOUTH. My god man you're fucking lucky. I cannot believe you went to that! It looked so amazing I wish I could have been there!!!

  9. hahha these beautiful backgrounds! they are taking me by surprise! mwahahah i love them thank you:] so what have you been up to lately?

  10. Greetings fellow muser. Sorry for my um...delayed response. I've had swine flu hahha. So that is basically what's up with me. missed school for 5 days and now i have like 30 hours of homework. nice i know. hahha hbu?

  11. alright that kind of clears things up hahha. i never really knew exactly what they were for. anyways thanks:]

  12. um. GREAT IDEA FOR MUSE DAY. And P.S...did you do that to your own shoes with the Muse logo and such? It's fucking awesome. I'm going to get shoes right now at Target and do the exact same thing. ahhhaha

  13. Alright. You can make fun of me for this. But boat...could you explain further? ahhha yes, i am asking that.

  14. Hhahha yes, I too am never getting anything done. Like now. I'm sposed to be doing homework and helping my sweet mother make dinner but alas, I am doing absolutely nothing. And yeah on here I don't have as close of friends, it's mostly just my Muse friends on youtube..but it's getting there ahha.

  15. My god. I opened up that background in the middle of Brit Lit class and practically fell off me seat. IT. IS BEAUTIFUL. iejiadfaldjfl I love it:] It is now the background on my school laptop! A nice unexpected surprise when in the unending monotony of class... But hm..what am I up to...our family friends are coming over tonight...I'm sposed to be doing my homework before they get here but quite obviously i am not..hahah. I got my lisensce last week (16! finally!) and all I want to do is DRIVE. I made an Anna's 16 Let's Party CD so yeah, turn that up extremely loud and just drive ehhhe. YOu have your lisensce yet?

  16. Hey Miss Blee, this question is a bit stupid but I really do not know- when you're on the board and post something, is there any way to know if someone quotes you/replies to your post? It's a bit difficult because I have to search the whole thread to find one conversation.

  17. Okay. Your comment on the board. How you get off the forum and then your STILL distracted because your wondering about everyone STILL ON the forum? God, the same thing happens to me. Especially now after starting that thread in studyhall. Now I am getting even less done. Which I did not think possible. Until today. Ahha anyways I had to tell you because clearly we have the same um...predicament.

  18. hello fellow muser:]

  19. Yeah that does kind of suck. At least you get to room together though ahha. So right now I am in studyhall again and the procter continues to stare at me..she is staring at me right now in fact...i am returning her stare whilst typing i think she finds this rather strange...she has just looked down and gone back to reading her book. she just stuck a pencil in her mouth..now she is chewing it half hazardly..gross...she is mad at me because me and my friends were just talking. i was crafting a beautiful background for my friends computer which involved matthew bellamy at v festival and my writing over the top with the words, "hey sexy." luckily thanks to me nearly the entire sophomore class knows who he is. mwahahaha. hm. she just turned the page in her book. the pencil is no longer in her mouth. she is now writing with the pencil. whats that you'd like a description of said procter? She is pale with blackrimmed glasses and has a rather severe haircut, somewhat like that of an untamed feline's. she is wearing an equally severe easter yellow sweater that is a bit saggy and her eyes are very slitty (like Voldemort's) and the only thing she uses them for is staring at unsuspecting students who are perusing muse forums instead of studying french. the end.

  20. Ahha well that's good, my brother's a freshman this year and he did the same thing...before he was gonna do one of the random things but when he went to visit he was paired with these guys who were like starwars obsessed, math loving anti-socials. That sounded stereotypical but you know what i mean. haha after that he came home and told my parents he refused to do the random roomate thing ahah.

  21. Ah that seriously sucks. Can't say I love math as well...yes, it is my worst subject. I'm more of an english/writing whatever person so yeah hopefully i'll be able to stay away from all the numbers in college. Like my sister? she's like me she hates math and science and stuff and in college they made her take just one science course, and guess what it was called? Physics. For poets. PHYSICS FOR POETS. yeah i know. hope they have one like that for me haha.

  22. Hahha I know what you mean they're practically waiting to get you in trouble. That's where I am now actually..studyhall again..hahha we have two tests tomorrow but I suppose I'll start studying for those sometime later tonight. Ahhah our door's open and I can hear my Brit Lit teacher yelling in Greek down the hall. It must be something about The Iliad. Ahha but that's exciting! Did you do one of those random roomate things?

  23. Ah. And what a first picture to behold that must've been ahha. But yeah just trying to keep up with school, when I wrote you earlier today I was actually in studyhall...on this when I wasn't supposed to be...so I guess that isn't going too well hahah. Homework and tests! May they burn with satan!

  24. Thanks! Matt with red hair. Really. Nothing is better. Hahha so what's up?

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