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    I have a twin.
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    I love to plaay soccer and listen to Muse. I am currently writing a novel.
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    Declan Galbraith
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    Children of Dune series
    Pan's labrynth
    Becoming Jane
    Iron Man
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    Science Fiction
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    Showbiz Origin of Symmetry Haarp Absolution and one song from Hullabbo
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    If they come to the Sprint center...
  1. hey i havent talked to you forever!!! how have you been??? did you ever get a new fb?

  2. Hey sorry about tht other night where i just stopped talking, i began talking to you and then i got up to get my haircut quick and forgot tht i was on the computer, and i'm just remembering that i was talking to you :(

  3. Hello:D Hell yeah England FTW!!:D

    How have you been lately?:) I haven't been online on here so I miss this place and the people here!

    And why would you want England to beat the US? you're living in the US aren't yeh? Anyway they didn't beat them :LOL::(

  4. England for the World Cup? I'll take em in the finals. Them and Spain. I hope they beat the US...LOL

  5. Thanks for joining the group! Apparently not a lot of people like it...:( _Sweeney Todd I mean.

  6. Well, very nice job on them!

    I'd love to see some more!

  7. I use stencils and spray them, i have to draw them first, (its really tracing a real pic and finding the light and dark values in the pic)

  8. Thanks! I suppose it did. Did you draw the stencil art or use a stencil? Anyway, it's pretty cool!

  9. thts really cool though

    (takes guts)

  10. lol thanks. Sorry if that was awkward

  11. Congrats! That's fantastic! Let me know how that goes! Not much. For soccer, my team is getting ready to play state games. As far as life in general, I know this going to sound lame, but I told this guy how I felt about him, had a crush on him the whole year, and managed to salvage a friendship, so I'm pretty content with myself. It was one of those moments in life where you overcome a huge feat and feel great about it. So yeah. Feelin' on top of the world right now. :)

  12. Yeah, in fact i actually found a gigging band with songs, their frontman/leadguitarist left the band, so I'm taking his place. We're going to go to a recording studio today to record one of their songs. Thats pretty much all thts new, so whats new with u

  13. Hey kid, I hope all is well. Keep rocking out!

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