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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_G3YzOV4pQ0


    Listen to those and I will have another listen to Louder Than Love when I wake up, goodnight :happy:


    two of the best new songs. And yeah The Alternative was worse. The actual music was good, but despite having 100/100mbit broadband it kept freezing during every single song. And 15 bucks for a 40 min stream really isn't worth it.

  3. 2.28, is that full? If so, what note is it? :LOL:


    3.21 too


    Yeah, it seemed pretty good. Shame we have to wait a few months between every good concert Muse does :awesome:

  5. Such talented musicians. :happy:


    I am watching X-Files, so no sleep for me yet! But that sounds good, night :happy:

  6. let me hear you sing that :phu:


    And yeah, you would be the first woman in history to reach a G2 if you could do what he does :awesome:

  7. Hat


    That's all I have to say.

  8. the end of an Ours gig ;)



    Near the end of two Pain Of Salvation gigs:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WS8LLLYF17k (5.05 holy fuck)


    Now THIS man has an impressive voice

  10. 10.00 to the end. Just thought I'd show you someone who sings twice as hard material, moves around a lot on stage and still manages to sound amazing from start to finish ;)


    Queens songs are actually too easy for him. When performing with them live he usually brings up notes even higher for the lulz(and to not get bored I guess)


    Jeff Buckley

    Jimmy Gnecco

    Axl Rose

    Fred Durst

    Brian Johnson

    Freddie Mercury

    Tim Buckley

    James Maynard Keenan

    Serj Tankian

    Darroh Sudderth



    Michael Jackson

    Robert Plant

    Thom Yorke



    Daniel Gildenlöw

    Tim fucking Michin

    Graham Bonnet

    Ville Valo



    James LaBrie

    Stevie Wonder

    Adam Lambert

    Sebastian Bach


    Geddy Lee

    John Farnham

    King Diamond

    Myles Kennedy


    Chester Bennington

    Paul Mccartney





    Bon Jovi

    Kurt Cobain


    Mike Patton









  12. ^^ Last cup of sorrow <3


    I was born in the year of Nevermind :phu:

  13. Hat



    mm, watching Scrubs from the beginning <3



  14. :> Nah, don't worry. I am going to bed now.


    Another guy with some emotional problems...
  15. :<


    what about

  16. :O Which one?


    They are really good, Really looking forward to the two of their concerts that I'm attending this year :happy:

  17. ...well...I am one persons bitch, but that's about it :phu:


    The rest are all my bitches.

  18. "And this is the demonstration that Musers are not the 'so called' biggest family that is actually pretending to be."


    aaaw, that inevitable realization that hits us all at one point.

  19. "If tracks are uploading but not appearing in the 'Your tracks' tab, check for them under the 'Network' tab — they may be hiding there.


    If you are uploading songs but getting errors after the songs complete, check to make sure that you are only uploading DRM-free files in .mp3 or .aac format.


    If you cannot successfully upload any songs, try using our browser uploader, which may cure problems related to Adobe Flash."

  20. Hat

    "Really? I always pegged you as a lone wolf"

    "Oh I'm sure I wasn't half the lady killer you were"



  21. "Who is this?"

    "Radiohead, you should listen to OK Computer"

    "Nice, thanks"

    *Goes home and searches on youtube*


  22. (I do mean that)


    Awesome! I'm sure you will. I got a guitar 3 years ago, soon I might be able to play a song...


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