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  1. :LOL: I am the top poster of just about every thread I enter :(
  2. Hat

    :LOL: I decided to go to bed instead.
  3. :LOL: I don't know actually, I'm just in a floow
  4. :LOL: I don't really like him that much. But his voice and accent <3 And eyes ofc. God this feels gay...
  5. :LOL: I guess that's a no to my question. It was supposed to be lows. "Planting the seeds you sow" in the first one.
  6. :LOL: I was the one who suggested it. I added a serious guess later though.
  7. :LOL: Isn't it like 7 am?
  8. :LOL: it sure is! New people are fun, especially if they turn out to be awesome!
  9. :LOL: No, never heard of them...
  10. Hat

    :LOL: noo, you were just tired!
  11. :LOL: Poor Dee. And ugh, being pissed off while drunk is never a good idea, because you go around thinking and talking about it way longer than you should :noey:
  12. :LOL: The feeling of discovering a new really good band is amazing, isn't it? :happy:
  13. Hat

    :LOL: Well hopefully you'll get something together before midnight tomorrow :p
  14. Hat

    :LOL: You always find a way :happy:
  15. Hat

    :noey: you have so much to learn.
  16. :phu: I have said it in pretty much every thread where someone claims that Matt can't do this or that anymore. You can't possibly have missed the several pages long argument with a guy i the R/L thread a while back :LOL:
  17. :phu: it's amazing
  18. :phu: well fine, if that's how you want it to be...GOODBYE, see you in two years.
  19. :phu: Your brother is gay
  20. :stunned: I know you want to.
  21. if this doesn't blow your socks off, I don't know what will!


    Haha, singing along to Muse songs are nice, although I struggle with some low notes and things like "I WILL AVEEEEEEEENGE" in CoD :( But the falsettos are no problem :awesome:

  22. Still can't believe you doubted his body :noey:


    I'm just gonna ignore your requests, because that's the kind of mean person I am

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