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Status Updates posted by Hat

  1. I have been rhyming all fucking day

    sending messages so goddamn gay


    I hope you enjoy your little poem from me

    otherwise I might kick you in the knee


    Congrats on the award you silly twat

    Not that I know what would rhyme with that


    See you soon in Banter or boobs thread

    Seriously, who is this fucking Ted?

  2. No problem darling <3

  3. Hat

    Though, trying to contact you through tumblr might have been a bad idea to begin with :LOL:



  4. Because I'm occasionally mean.

  5. Hat

    Haha, yeah. But I still had fun with my friends, so I'm not sad about missing a concert. :happy:

    I am feeling fine, right now school is my biggest concern.


    Oh, sounds cool. I am just about to finish watching Harry Potter.....the 5th one, that is.

  6. Hat



    But I'm not complaining. <33

  7. Hat



    I am okay. Was in Stockholm for a few days, and some shit happened. But right now I'm hungry!


    Sup with you?

  8. Hat

    You're welcome :D

  9. Hat

    Good and bad. I spent the last night alone drinking at the hotel :LOL:


    I use my tumblr way too little. Oh well, niiiight :happy: What is the second job btw?

  10. Hat

    Haha, I deserve it!


    Second in drama queen, damnit!

  11. Hat

    You didn't even give it 5 minutes :(

  12. Hat

    lol, you couldn't think of posting it on MY wall after you realised? :LOL:


    INORITE? :noey:


    So, how's life?

  13. Hat




  14. Hat

    pfff, I know you like it.

  15. Hat

    "Today 04:08 AM", that's why!

  16. This is my third "poem" for the night

    If you tell me to go to bed, I'll say "yeah right"


    I have thought long and hard about this life

    If I would have been dip I'd probably end it with a knife


    Now I'm just enjoying my last minutes of awareness

    Before I fully transcend into madness


    This is where I say goodbye

    Not really for good, but I could try


    Night <3

  17. Hat

    This looks lonely


  19. Happy birthday Dave!


    And marry Christmas and all that.

  20. Hat



    I want to, but I don't have the money :(

  21. Hat

    You are :(


    :LOL: Tempting, i'll see what I can do.

  22. Hat

    drinkssss...on a monday? shame on you!


    And reading through my messages too! Have you no shame? :noey:


    Problem is money and my lung, as usual :p But I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I know :awesome:

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