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  1. http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/fsjal found it by googling "meme anticipation", you know...by the look on his face.
  2. http://martingrech.bandcamp.com/ This site has most of his songs. If you want to be blown away by vocals, I suggest the b-side section, and songs like Guiltless, Draw Blood and Spit-Bowl.
  3. Been doing some research (lol) and Klayton is the guy who effectively is Celldweller, right? Like Jamiroqua and Nine Inch Nails? It's awesome stuff! I can imagine Muse trying this, and doing it well, but with no experience in this area, I doubt they could top this. I really hope they do at least experiment with it though, could be a beast live.

    Correct. It's very much a one man show. He plays every instrument and sings. (Except for the drums on some tracks on the self titled album)


    For more dubstep+metal:

  4. I don't see why yours is valid either..."Glastonbury 2004" is basically trying to say that's when Muse played good set lists and taking advantage. It's not exactly a fantasy location either.



    Among other things

  5. That's not the point though is it? The fact is that people come back from a gig excited and wanting to talk about the experience and more often than not they find the thread full of whinging and moaning. The gig threads aren't the place for general setlist beef.

    Yes, this has been repeated 100 times now. Most people don't want to see moaning.


    I still don't see why that's a reason to forbid it.

  6. Not my favorites, but they have a few amazing songs. Shame they aren't more famous :(
  7. Brilliant musician, plays pretty much every instrument ever invented :LOL: Lovely voice, such warm, orgasmic lows <3
  8. I thought you might like this :awesome:
  9. Hat

    dance party :awesome:
  10. best cover of all time
  11. Reminds me of Tool. A track from 10, 000 days that I can't remember the name of. Math <3
  12. he's a fucking freak of nature :LOL:
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