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  1. Only 3 days back! Can't wait I might be wearing my Resistance t-shirt, BH&R belt and black Converse, so come and say hi if you want
  2. Good point. Well, I don't know about that. What if we start the que, while Kashmir are going to start their performance? Won't we be available to get into the inner circle then? I think we might wait until Thursday, before we know how Roskilde will handle the que.
  3. Just a bit information to the people, who isn't at the festival yet (I am): After every gig at the Orange scene the inner circle will be cleared. When the circle has been cleaned, people who are standing in the que will therefore have access to the area. So you can't be in the inner circle after a gig has finished, if you want to hear the next band. I just read it in the festival program
  4. Awesome! I'll be there around 18 o'clock, or maybe before if I have nothing else to do.
  5. Weeee! Only one week back! I am looking forward to it. Just one question: It there is going to be a Muse fans meet-up, where and when would it be? Maybe some hours before the Muse gig, so we can get close to the stage.
  6. If anyone wants the videos, here is the link: REMOVED LINK - MOD EDIT If it is illegal to share the videos, I will of cause delete them. ;
  7. Other things I own, but are not in the picture: The Resistance boxset (with 5,1 dvd) An unofficial Muse calender 15 badges 2 Danish Resistance posters (promo?) and 2 other posters.
  8. I have the same ''problem'', but instead of the misprinted Hullabaloo CD, I have a misprinted Hullabaloo DVD. The first disc is the video footage, and the second disc is the gig. Quite odd...
  9. I agree, Absolution would be my pic as well.

  10. Absolution is properly my favourite album, but I think it is hard to choose a favourite Muse album. They are all great ;)

  11. It is indeed. What is your fav album?

  12. Cool! Showbiz is also a really a great album!

  13. It's going. Im just hanging out listening to Showbiz.

  14. Fine ;)

    What about you?

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