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    [BinaryKill]: hello mortal
    [MuseFrak]: Rob greeting people?

    [Proc]: "i'm starting to feel like a woman in a man's body"
    [Brasseye]: I feel a bit like that.

    [PhelpsDemetia]: a month ago. i was having lung problems
    [Amber Soleil]: ahahaha

    [Spitting Feathers]: isnt it always gay in here?
    [PhelpsDemetia]: yessss

    [BAR-Honda]: fire
    [BinaryKill]: back 30

    [SEURANEITII]: i'm not gonna live like past 20 or sumthing
    [Proc]: nice

    [pandaman37]: hey simon
    [pandaman37]: come to california ;D

    [Proc]: would be amusing
    [Muse_Luver]: I miss James

    [I-like-cheese]: My voice is all croaky and sore
    [koni113]: lol thats funny

    [scoby1978]: OMG
    [scoby1978]: I'M GAY!!

    [Your Mum]: Brasseye has left at 4:27 pm
    [tchotchony]: Oh. But we can always add sound
    [tchotchony]: wb jack

    [Proc]: rawr
    [Your Mum]: Faren626 has left at 3:54 pm

    [marcella16]: decorate my tree?
    [Proc]: YES

    [FaithlessEye]: I don't like getting stuff anyways. I almost have 500 cards
    [FaithlessEye]: I can't wait to send every
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    Reading, thinking
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    running away from stalkers like you
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    [Korni]: we just love sexin' around
    [Nature_001]: I'm seeing that
    [Nature_001]: It's ... Well ... quite special
    [Proc]: pervert!

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